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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Crushed cords fall in disarray
Tattered edges to torn seams
Too frayed to be rebound
Too far apart to join
Blue and white dissolve to black
As sunlight fades away
The world outside reflects the scene
Cause, effect, Which is which?
Both interchangeable
Lost ships won't reach the shore

Saturday, October 15, 2016


You occupy vast regions of my mind
We breath in the same rhythm
I look right and you're there to take my hand
My future is written by your hand
My words tell the tale
We are so entwined
Heaven could not separate us
The world can try
Our fortunes rise and fall together
As we breath
As we lay
As we love

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Conversation Unsaid

My love I hate to see you dour
For you I'll smile this very hour
When you're in pain I often wince
I've tried to not repeat it since
I long to kiss the tears away
They grow much more, day by day
Say the word, I will be here
Love, I'd follow you anywhere
I'll come to you if that's the way
With you alone I wish to stay

Sunday, September 4, 2016


A hand hovers over my side
The barest whisper of a touch
Stars come within view
Moving slowly
Serpentine strokes
Bring me higher
Tongue taunting, teasing
Tracing it's way home
Fingers follow
Breaking all bonds
The only thing left
Is you and I
And a steady strum
Of heartbeat

Friday, August 26, 2016


I'm not sure when I realised
It's always the little things
Shared point of view
What would it be like
To be part of the crowd?
That's not an option
I've stayed in my space
Unsure of how the tide goes
But knowing where it's headed
We should be matched
But our lines don't intercept
Changing the path
Could bring tears
Saving my heart
Is it worthy, worthless?

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Escape now with me
How did we miss it?
Kiss it and make it better
Wake me when sun breaks
None has the devotion of you
Emotion comes to you naturally
Few could find peace in this heart
At least we knew in a moment
True it was plain to see
In vain we tried to avoid
Crying out in sorrow alone
Borrow no more of our troubles
Towering over all that they see
Lay with me and just be

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Holding breath while holding hands
A fire burning blue.
All the wonders of the world
And none of them are you.

Imprisoning love between golden bands
Life is cold and blue
Love is impatient and unkind
When held in thrall by you

Found Poems: Stopping Place

Till it's hopeless
Till the light fades
Till the words stop

Not even..
When I beg
When I crawl
When I stop

All fails
Nothing matters
Everything stops

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Fly home to me
A call is too far
For love and sharing

Come here quick
The light will guide you
With grace and bearing

We can handle it all
The looks and stares
Our love we're declaring

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Up and down, we turn around
The twisted dance we're in
Am I good or are you bad?
Who knows where we fit in?
More than time is growing old
And filled with weary sighs
I rest my heavy head and hope
That life is more than lies
Calling you in dead of night
Through time and space and pain
Open ears need open hearts
Sending messages in vain
I hope that you might hear my plea
And ask not "where's" or "why's"
Just come and lay down next to me
No need of formal ties

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Twas in this bleak and barren land
A single light did shine
Revealing there for all the world
The hope that would be mine
A loving, caring patient man
With soul of burnish gold
He knew the measure of a heart
Kept secrets he'd been told
More faded then a lullaby
His race is more than run
I hold him as he turns to cry
I must be the stronger one
Peace is found in withered arms
And calm in shades of blue
Eyes exchanging pregnant looks
No need to chase, pursue
Sitting there by roaring fire
The storm outside extreme
Only a slow and throbbing ache
Proves life is not a dream

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Winning Bluff

The winning bluff is very hard
Knowing they hold all the cards
To lose would be utter disgrace
Failure and a loss of face
So we remain on total guard

Faces of ivory carved
While pleasantries are being pared
Picking up the losing pace
The winning bluff

Avoiding all the wild cards
Holding the hand close to guard
Caught inside a hardened space
Losing to win the race
With the winning bluff

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


As  I lay there, we breathe in
Time refusing to pass us by
We lose all sense of reason

The winds herald the coming season
Leaves settle with creeks and sighs
As I lay there, we breathe in

I lose all sense of calm and reason
Clench my teeth between the cries
As I lay there, we breathe in

My thoughts have lost all cohesion
This miracle has mystified
We lose all sense of reason

One more press that softly frees him
Delivered of this great surprise
As I lay there, gently breathing
We've finally have a sense of reason

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thine is the kingdom

This is your kingdom
Conquer your territory
Learn its peaks, its valleys, its plains,
Bow and worship its Temple
Offer a sacrifice
Allow the floods to return
As you learn the ways of your kingdom
You ride it in a steady pace
Until you sight home
Then the true race begins
Heart pounding
A stitch in your side can't even stop you
Bearing down to push
Harder and faster
Quicker and more rapidly
As wild as the sea
Until you arrive
Where your kingdom is awaiting

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The other side of the glass
A face staring back at me
Reflecting my current self
Or the world I long to see?
A silver mirrored piece
Causes such ponderous woes
When gazing upon its surface
Recalling highs and lows
The power and its image
It's leaden, heavy glare
Reminding us to consider
It's power is we care

Friday, April 29, 2016


It's not that I have faltered I'm falling
Into a deep and endless abyss
I close my eyes to the darkness
Head in to the growing myst
Thoughts take form and shape
No longer and amorpheous blob
If I don't say the words yet
I'm trying not to sob
A silent hole is growing
Deep down in my chest
Let's leave the world alone
Forget about the rest
It will keep for now love
Waiting for space and time
No matter what else happens
You are mine

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No Words

Standing alone in the crowd
Afraid to enter the fray
Bottled up feelings escaping
Pretending it's all just play
Words no longer express it
Turmoil, terror and strife
Brought on by detrimental decisions
Look what's become of your life
A tragedy born of a comedy
Heroes need more than just hope
When circumstances warrant it
Right at the end of your rope
Time to pull up your bootstraps
Hard at the end of the haul
But everyone's depending on you now
As the prophet who's leading us all

Friday, April 22, 2016

Le Petite

That stubborn curl wrapped 'round my fingers
As you place your head in my hands
The scent of your soap always lingers

The night is quiet and eerie
A soldier awaiting commands
I hear your heart beating clearly

The pace gains a beat, then a breath
I feel like I'm frequently falling
Caught between life and death

Stars burst forth in front of my eyes
Your name, I'm steadily calling
As from the dead, I rise

Midnight Sonnet

Your breath is the desert breeze
Hot and warm and swift
It puts my weary soul at ease
And my mind begins to drift
It wanders back to olden days
When time was young and free
The simple games we used to play
When love was you and me
The world may break outside our door
We've braced for any storm
I could not ask for any more
Tucked into your arms so warm
So let the coming war begin
Together we can't help but win

Empty Gestures

Grand and empty gestures fill space
We exist in the dark of the day
Time is meaningless in this pledge

Memories held precious and few
The little things if everyday life
Contentment blends into solid hue

So cherish each day when you can
Enjoy the mundane in the world
The little joys are the ones that you ken


I despair of ever being loved
I watch as stars go out
You went away and won't return
My pain and grief mount

I can't understand the depth of the stars
The mass of the universe amaze
the song of the world is a crackling noise
Matching my breaking heart's phase

You don't seem to know of my existence
My atoms depart and collide
If you don't acknowledge me then I cease
An ocean lacking a tide


Oh, Hypnos how you taunt me
With elusive golden touch
My eyelids grow so heavy
But my sound sleep you begrudge
Starry skies have fallen
But no minutes rest have I
I beg of you sweet mercy
A petition, I beseech thee
An answer to my prayer
A peaceful restful slumber
And a dream or two to share 


I know who I am and
Wish I could be better for you
I wish you days of endless sun
I wonder if the night sky will
Ever shine as brightly
As days when we were one

One time I saw you smiling
There never a star that shone as bright
One time you cried forever
And bright days fell into endless night

You eyes seem to see inside me
Your soul with mine forever more
And now we can't seem to be together
I wish I could be once more

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


They're coming again
These dreams in the night
I don't understand them
Are they wrong or they right?
Your face appears
The heart of my fears
The symbol of love
Hung over my heart
(Together forever
We never will part )
Violence is no answer
Don't fight over me
Love is the answer
Oh, can't you see
(I need you love
Stay in my arms )
You have all the grace
And heavenly charms
Of the Angel
I once knew as my own
And unlike him
You never will roam

Love is...

Love is a hand
Held fast in your own.
Love is a kiss
The sweetest you've known
Love is a hug
The first gentle embrace
Love is passion
Shared by a fireplace
Love is the wind
Whispering in my ear
Love is shared
Throughout pain and tears
Love is present
Haunting and true
Love is the beauty
I see in you

Saturday, April 16, 2016


I see the path before me lying
I admit I couldn't before
I want to be there for your sorrow
That's what partners are for
I understand. I bear your burdens gladly.

The pattern is so clear now
As wheels unwind and turn
Were you to light the match
I'd simply watch the world burn
I understand. I bear your burdens gladly.

When our secrets are discovered
And all the world seems lost
We will burn together
No matter how high the cost
I understand. I bear your burdens gladly.

But when the tide is changing
And all the lights are pale
Will you stand beside me,
To finish the drawn out tale?
Do you understand? Will you bear my burdens gladly?

Thursday, April 14, 2016


A man and his instrument are one
One constanly craving
The company of the other
On a sleepless night
The man finds solace in his instrument
Louder, harder, faster,
Until he can play no more
And a soft whispering breeze refreshes him
And leads him to the opening notes
Of a gypsy love song
And when he has played his soul
He sleeps where he sits
Cradling the instrument in his hands
Like a longtime lover
And finds peace
And the rest is silence

* Bit of a back story. This is the original. It had been lost. I rewrote it here. Since I found the original I thought both would be nice.

Love is such a Human Concept... or is it?

Love is such a Human Concept... or is it?


I don't understand these humans. What's so much trouble? I say the words I wish and humans don't understand me. For my joy, I love you, I am your servant.

It is known that "I love you completely" and "I was totally terrified" are both the same and correct.

We only say, "I am going to kill a thousand planets children just to make you smile."

After all, you can't make a mantis* whistle. The dead remain the spiral of our lives even after it disappears.

Note: *-Mantis is a pig like creature.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You are my everything

My head has run out
Of rhymes, of time, of love
I no longer feel safe within myself
You feel my heart, my soul, my mind
My life is yours to do with as you wish
Blooms in May never smelled as sweet
as when smelled with with you
Birds sing sweeter when hear with you
Touch feels better when given by you
The sweetest dessert cannot compare to the taste of you eyes
You are my everything, my life, love my live, my passion
You are you
My all and everything

Single Blessed Strife

I love you no longer
My heart is stronger
Yours, will break
My love I will take
Away with no fear
Not one single tear
I'll shed o'er our love
No longer above
Mortal State
I can't wait
To fall all over,
To love you no more
I forget you
But never shall you
I forgive
You fell through a sieve
By lies and deception
I long for perfection
To live and love together
This time, forever
A diamond ring
My heart wants to sing
When it hears a bell,
That glad tidings tell
Of Sacrament Holy
One Love, souly
I need protection
I long for Perfection
If I cannot find
I'll be in a bind
And never let know
True love's flow
And I'll live a life
Of single blessed strife

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Insertion Poem-New York

If you were here beside me, instead of in New York
(But you aren't really, though...)
If the curve of you was curved on me
(Like you never really have...)
I'd tell you that I loved you, before I even knew you
(And you would run so  far and fast...)
'Cause I loved the simple thought of you
(I'd rather be complex...)

If our hearts are never broken and there's no joy in the mending
(Please don't break my heart)
There's so much this hurt can teach us both,
(I'd rather be dumb)
And there's distance and there's silence, your words have never left me,
(Why did you have to do that?)
They're the prayer that I say every day
(Please God...)

The lone neon lights and the ache of the ocean
And the fire that was starting to spark
(Let it burn)
I miss it all, from the love to the lightning
(Bring it back)
And the lack of it snaps me in two
(I'm broken)

If you were here beside me, instead of in New York
(Why aren't you...)
In the arms you said you'd never leave
(Never promise...)
I'd tell you that it's simple and it was only ever thus
(Its never simple. Haven't you learned that yet?)
There is nowhere else that I belong
(Only here with me.)

The lone neon lights and the ache of the ocean,
(No longer peaceful)
And the fire that was starting to spark
(Why won't it burn?)
I miss it all from the love to the lightning
(Love doesn't exist)
And the lack of it snaps me in two
(Nothing can mend me)
Just give me a sign, there's an end with a beginning
(Don't promise...)
To the quiet chaos driving me back
(We're all mad here...)
The lone neon lights and the warmth of the ocean
(Can I find peace?)
And the fire that was starting to go out
(No more sparks)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Conversation Revisited

A Conversation Revisited 

Amor omnia vincit

truth conquers all

Amor enim liberabit vos 

truth shall set you free


   Love in truth, Conquer to set captive hearts free

 Dilgio in veritas, Set ad vincere capta corda

Link to A Conversation 

#poetry, #poem, #latin, #english, #love, #truth #free, #conquer, #captive, #hearts, #language, #experimental,  #avant-garde

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Language of Love

Ja'Dore mon amour
Lui benedice mi ogni giorno
Ja'Dore mon amour
Sempre vemos olho por olho
Ja'Dore mon amour
Vi er bundet af vore sjæl nu
Ja'Dore mon amour
Ein calonnau yn caeleu plethu

I just love my love
He blesses me daily
I just love my love
We see eye to eye
I just love my love
We're bound by our souls now
I just love my love
Our hearts are entwined

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eternal Cross

Time's  a necessary burden
We struggle under its weight
Arguing proper pacing
Dealt a cruel hand by Fate
Missing each other by inches
Heads keep turning away
Seeing each other in passing
Knowing today's not the day
The world stays on pause now
Until the proper day wakes
Bearing the cross of Eternity
Is more than two people can take

Monday, March 21, 2016

Singular Lonesome Song

Not sure if I've said the words,
Or said them quite often enough.
But the feelings are there, counted.
Even when I seem angry or gruff.

Sometimes life is too weary.
This burden unwieldy, and vast.
Pain that's echoing onward,
Keeping injury after it's past.

I shouldn't be adding to your lot.
To do so's incredibly wrong.
It's simply that I can not bear it,
The singular, lonesome song.

So if you can, come quickly.
If not, whenever is best.
But when you do we'll leave here,
Take a break and then take a rest.


True light burns
Unbearable to unpure eyes
A cleansing fire of justice
Clearing the land of scurge
The waste is not neglected
It feeds the poor and forgotten
Who rise, phoenix-like
To govern the corrupt
And show by example
All are equal


Illusions dance in my eyes
This must be my final test
I've grown tired and weary with lies
My soul, my heart need rest
The world is watching the sun
As day is fading to black
Is my trial over and run?
Can I see the end of the track?
But the road keeps getting longer
There no one home to return to


Out of my head
Space is needed
Clearing room in the heart as well
An empty shell may be easy to break
But contains no fragile contents
The soul has been dispossessed

Sunday, March 20, 2016


It maybe hardest task by far
To hold open the door to the oncoming storm
The fire's not lit, the floor's not swept
I should send you on to the nearest safe house
But the incursion must go forward
The battle go as planned
Contingencies are accounted for
As all and sundry
Are seized

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The remains of one striking face
Haunting eyes in hollowed out cheeks
Following movements
Accusing at a glance
Only longing
For what once was
What could be
What never shall be

Friday, March 11, 2016

Silence: A Respite

I could tell you stories of power
When we quested for Glory and Gold
The battles for virtue and honor
Ideals we tried to hold
Now the land has gone quiet
The Dragon no longer roars
We battle to live our lives daily
Dreaming of what we once were
It takes time to recover from sorrow
And pleasure to cure you from pain
When we continue on with our story
Remember our favor and fame

#poem, #poetry #glory, #gold, #fame, #favor, #sorrow, #pleasure, #pain, #dreaming, #time, #dragon, #recover, #virtue, #honor, #ideals, #battles, #live, #cure, #lovepoem,

Last night

Ever vigilant she waits
The dawn drawing nearer
He brushes her hair off her shoulders
Slowy kisses begin
Up the side of her neck
Following the rise of the sun
As it clears the horizon
The bell tolls
A knock beckons
The headsman comes

#vigil, #poem #poetry #horizon, #knock, #headsman, #kisses, #dawn, #neck


Spinning frantic Mantic
The world in a paniced view
It helps to focus on you
I know what you're going to do

Tumbling falling calling
Feelings bubbling up so fast
No one thinks it can last
"Love is never that vast"

While we mozy; cosy and rosy,
Others are nosy and keen
We have no need to be seen
We know what lover really means

#poem, #poetry, #lovepoem, #lover, #feelings, #vast, #focus, #view,

Monday, March 7, 2016

True Love Story

Love does not mean
Never having to say you're sorry
It mean saying sorry as many times as needful
It means begging for forgiveness
Helping your love up off the ground
Dusting them off and trying again together
Apologizing for the holes in their heart
Pre-existing conditions
There is no I in love
Only a combined sense of being
When one is hurt, the other weeps

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Quickening

She closes her eyes
Feels power rush over
Her waiting body
Caresses gather her in
She welcomes the spirit
Allows it to fill her
Invade her
Become her
Her drawn breath releases
She settles to sleep
As the stirring begins
A fullness, completeness
New worlds start

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


You sit next to me in silence
As we prepare for the night
I lean into your strength
Knowing you're here
That towering spirit
Fills me with resolve
Then the light shifts
I become tangled in covers
That once formed your arms
And the silence
Echoes all the more
In your absence

Monday, February 15, 2016


The lights are all around
'Twix day and night it grew
It's beauty knew no bounds
The brightness seem to woo
As if all love were true
Mist covered hallowed ground
Thence came a horrid sound
Winds cold and fearsome blew
The snap could break your bones
It echoed through the land
Forever cut the cord
There was lonesome moan
A crack of guilded band
A pain that can't be cured

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Birthday

I remembered today was your birthday
I thought on love that is lost
But without an equaling measure
How would we know true love's true cost?
That sweet ache that tells us we're living
That pain that makes breathing so hard
Cured only by physical presence
Cuts through my heart like jagged shards
So while you celebrate your birthday
While you party with family and friends
Blow out one candle for me, dear
The girl whose heart now mends

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Love has no Language

Deseo tener tu amor
Je dois être complément aur
Wenn es nur eine Möglichkeit
att fylla dig med min kärlek
This was an experiment. I wanted to try a multi-lingual poem.
English translation as follows:(doesn't quiet rhyme)
I desire to have your love
I need to be completely sure
If only there were a way
To fill you with my love

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I went to call you today.
I wanted to share my soul with you.
The line was too far.
It's not the right time.
One day I will take the road less traveled.
I only wish to hear your divine whispers.
Grant to me your grace love
Allow me to be here in the warmth in the night.


Roaming adventure
A journey to lands unknown
Exploring the grass
Warm and gentle
The steady pace
Galloping to the finish
The pattern moves to crescendo
The homeland is within sight
Plant the flag
The quest is at the end

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Can you imagine love, on that great day
When friends and family have faded away When lights are low turned mellow and gray
Can you imagine love,
What you might say?

Will you recall love, the way we now feel Holding hands and hearts feels incredibly real
My love and devotion without bond and seal
Will you recall love,
The love you now steal?

Will you be patient love if I am not ready
I'll need your hands powerfully steady
I'll need your heart I may not be ready
Will you be patient love
When love is so heady?

When stars align love, we'll be in tune Standing together under the light of the moon
Hold me close as the birds all croon
When the stars align love
True love will bloom

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Light

Does that mean if I call your name,
You'll be there at the ready?
I confess it somehow frightens me
To think of you so steady
From mirth to tears and back again
All life's simple joys
Are brighter love because of you
You quiet maddening noise
When at first you came to me
I found myself quite lost
The magnitude of loving you
What would be the final cost?
But now I crave your company
Your touch in darkened night
I confess my early sins for now,
I've come to see the light