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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sailor's Prayer

Needs must as needs outweigh
Carry the burden, seize the day
In darkest night or calmest bay
The ship is steady, it leads the way
Coming home in the misty spray
As morning breaks, the sailors pray
Home, at last, this time to stay

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

True Love

Broken glass
Comes to mind
When your eyes
Meet me in mine
Your hurtful words
Sharp and deadly
Your woeful lie
Clear as glass
I'm picking up pieces
Better left behind
I'm waiting for you
True love is blind

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rampage Unbridled

Remaining just out of reach
No longer a requirement
But a burning raging fire
It feeds itself, growing
It no longer can be controlled
Who would want to stop this inferno?
Let it burn everything to the ground 
Rampage unbridled

Monday, May 26, 2014


When the time comes
The banquet will be ready
Feasting will begin
Fresh fruit of the vine
Cherries bursting with ripeness
The cup will runneth over
Needs will be fulfilled
Moonlight will rise over the meadow
Triggering hidden wisdom
Fruits of labor
Gladly consumed

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alone again naturally

Away my dearest
I can not see
The night is almost gone
If it is not seen
It does not exist
Or so I'm lead to believe
So if I do not
Watch you depart
You'll still be here with me
The rising sun
Reveals the truth
Alone again naturally


Sliding down my skin
Soft satiny sensual
A mirage of images crosses my mind
Hints of moisture
Dampen my brow
A glistening drop
Makes its way to the floor
I can trace its path across my cheek
Scent overwhelms me
Memories from a thousand nights
The end is drawing near

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Till the Universe Stops Breathing

Refreshing sounds call me home
A voice that echoes true
No matter what life throws my way
I still come home to you

Hope when days seems grim
Conscious never falters
A solid rock, firm under ground
Love that never alters

Till the universe stops breathing
Hearts will beat in time
Till the universe stops breathing
I love that you are mine

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Other Path...

Blue so deep it bends toward infinity
Purple so dark it ceases to be
Edge of light creeps towards the horizon
Tomorrow comes with certainty
Crickets begin their nightly chorus
A decide chill fills the air
With rising hopes but shattered spirit
Quiet night fills the solemn forest
Tread wisely here, take your time
It’s a hazardous path you choose
The benefits outweigh the cost
You’re time has come to shine

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Found Wanting...

Going against the tide
The rush of pushing
The wrong way
Turning left instead of right
It feels so nice
To be the odd duck
The marvel of the moment
Loneliness doesn’t seem
To hurt as much
Stillness seems customary
Sorrow appears welcome
I see you there
Your Lying smile
Your knowing eyes
Have been weighed
Have been measured
Have met their match

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Language Buzz

Today I'm feeling the Language buzz.  I was thinking about words that have dual meanings that are contradictory.  The two that came to mind are awful and pitiful.  Both are most commonly thought of as negative words.  The movie was awful.  That excuse was pitiful.  But fascinatingly enough, they didn't start out that way.  The original usage was a more positive one. The vista's view was awful.  The woman's life view was pitiful.  These sound strange to us now.  But at one time they would have been common place.  This is what makes language so fascinating.  You can change one word and make a world of difference.  The nuance of shading in language is amazing if you know what to look for.  One little change can make a little valley into a restricted gorge.  The meanings are the same.  The shade of meaning is different.  In American English, we even give words negative or positive meaning based on sounds.  Harsh sounding words tend to be negative, like gorge.  Soft sounding words tend to be positive like, lullaby.  Now by no means are these rules!  In American English, we have no rules!  Someone even pointed out that the vowel rule ( i before e except after c) is wrong more often then it is right.  But these guidelines give us a baseline to work from.  I find all these language histories and tidbits fascinating.  I think in weird patterns, probably why I had trouble in school, but it makes learning all these odd non rule patterns fun.

BTW I do not have any degree in this.  This is just my ramblings.  NOT YOUR PROFESSOR

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Dance

So long have I waited
Anticipation mounting
You reach across the chasmous void
Sparks fly as tension mounts
When breathing increases
Heartbeats accelerate
I don’t have to feel your touch
To know it’s there
The merest graze is enough
It is over but barely begun
The dance begins again
A tale as old as time

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A More Perfect World...

Seize your prize
Second best for all my life
Never having been first
You’ve made me feel like
Number one
It’s a shame you
Have no idea
Who I am
You wouldn’t know my name
I would hardly register on your radar
If the world ended tomorrow
You wouldn’t even pick me
To repopulate the world
But for now
I can imagine and dream
A more perfect world

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Parfit Gentil Knight, His Squire, the Squire's Lady and The Evil Taskmaster Big Brown Charles

The Parfit Gentil Knight, His Squire, the Squire's Lady and The Evil Taskmaster Big Brown Charles
Lady Amanda had fleeced her Fine Flouncy Curls and returned to her Blonde Boyish Bob.  The Parfait Gentile Knight was busy Becoming a dragon and eating (no Smaug no) with Princes. He was beginning to get bored and the whole empire knew what happened the last time he got bored.  His hair grew longer and curlier as his patience worn thinner and sharper. His faithful squire who had been beside him for many of his adventures was away doing some private work for a consultant of the empire.   The squire had but one more task to finish, this time for his overlord.  There was a small squabble between the pair of lifelong friends over this assignment when their unthinking, overbearing, taskmaster, the Big Brown Charles, decided that they would both fence against the Best fencers in the world for a championship.  But in the final round if it came to a match between The Knight and his Squire it would be declared a draw. More importantly, no one would be named champion.  If BBC decided, this it would happen.  He was their overlord and more importantly the person who could decide their life, as far as it goes.  He decided whether they got jobs, how much they got paid, when they worked, even whether they could take jobs outside his little empire.  When the day of the big fencing match came, people came from all over the world and from outside the kingdom to see the squire and the knight.  After all the fuss the taskmaster had made it seemed the Kingdom was not that big and the world was plenty big enough for two World class Fencers.  In fact the Squire and the Knight each had a different approach to fencing.  One brought a more disciplined approach and one was looser and free flowing.  One was more agile and one more ridged and inclined to stick to the set rules.  In the end, it did not matter.  Both went out and conquered the world and brought back so many riches that the taskmaster Big Brown Charles relented on his threats that they would never work in his kingdom again.  He allowed them to quickly continue their travels as a Knight and squire errant, solving the puzzles of the Kingdom and never again threatened to separate the pair.


When temptation hangs heavy
Like a thick blanket of fog
The air is almost scented
A canopy of pheromones
I can taste your air
Feel my Soul transfixed
It is opened and receiving
Acquire me.
I am no longer in possession of my self
Am I in possession of you in return?

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I just want someone
Who will take care of me
Who will be there when I wake
Who will hold me when I sleep
To kiss me and tell me I’m beautiful
Even if it’s a lie
Whose heart is bigger than their brain
Whose brain is bigger than their wallet
Who can take on the world for me
Who knows my ever need
Who will catch me when I fall
Who will stop me before I fall
Who will help me up when I fall
Who will make me fall
Oh god why am I always falling?

Friday, May 9, 2014


Sorrow lines your eyes
Would anything help?
If you needed me,
I would be there in an instant
Tomorrow is miles away
If you would let it be
We could be worlds away by then
A hut by the sea sounds nice
I can hear the birds chirping already
The whisper of the waves is so calming
A lullaby to rock us to sleep
Cradling together as we await the dawn

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Flowing through me
Speedily and without delay
Never ending torment
My mind sighs and weeps
Will this never end?
Breaking waves of stimulation
Crest over agony
Fallen in defeat
Beat only to ascend
Resurrected, Rejuvenated, Revived

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stars Taunt Us

Dazzling Stars that shine too bright
How do we know that you really exist?
Could you be an illusion we invented?
A brief figment,
Brought forth to cause us sorrow?
For having seen such beauty,
Why should we breathe?
Or is it a tease?
This real life,
We can only feign touch?
Is this all
A hallucination,
Or dying brain trying,
To convince us, to hold on?
I think I like that least of all.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Eyes hid in shadow
Invoking fear and longing
Glancing from side to side
Evading another's glance
Trapped and afraid,
It seems to be pitiful
Like a beautiful Lion
Trapped in a cage
Be wary of what you seek here
Sight is not always your friend
What once was a helpless puppy
Suddenly outgrow it's Den

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lowly Orb

Oh Shallow moon thou art rife with anger
Your lowly orb hangs free and wild
It draws me, leads me away
I bow before it’s pale pure light
It washes o’re my hair
With strands of cherry wine
Green glades seem filled with ignoble creatures
Darkness fills the burgeoning night
I see the path that lies before me
It radiates from deep within
As long as I do not stray, 
I should see home this very night

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Which Way Blows the Wind?

The Summer is coming
But the Wind is chilling
I feel it creep up the back up my neck
 You wrap your hands in my hair
Pull my head back
Sweet agony overcomes me
I feel your lips on my mine
The teasing tantalizing taunting
There is no need for further conquest tonight
And hence the wind blows cold