Friday, April 18, 2014


I draw your light into me
And use it to dispel my shadows
Reflect it back into the world I see
Its brilliance shines onto everything
There is nowhere the darkness can hide
What poor soul do I offer you in exchange?
So dingy and full of darkness
Even your evanescence shines
Your purity and clarity
Dispel my demons and sins
The weak thread of truth unravels

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Winter Wind

The wind whispers willfully
Of ages long forgotten
Of princes and valor
Of passion and true love's kiss

The rapid wind tells today's torrenting tale
Of mercenaries and shame
Of sex, drugs and rock and roll

What will tomorrow's wind bring?
Will it sweep clean the plains?
Will it bring back the wonder?
I hope it brings the spring.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some Poetry I found while Cleaning out my Computer

Running in circles in my mind
Silence eats away at patience
Time heals nothing
If scabs never form
Pressure remains constant
Soul crushing pain
Heart wrenching
All consuming
Back to the beginning

You’ll never love me
 I’m not pretty or thin
I’m not up to your standards
I’m never gonna win

We’ll never be the perfect pair
They were always right
They said we were to different
They say how much we fight

You two will work much better
She seems much better for you
She make you happier
She better not make you blue

Floating feelings becomes tangled
Boiling up bubbles full of tears
Tomorrows dance across the horizon
Ready to race, reason for rhyme
Startling vision, sparkling sight
Newfound glory, gradient spikes.
Purple columns rising
Higher in the sky,
From now until forever,
Perfectly pleasant pair.

From now on I need to steel myself from the darkness,
My hard choices need to come swiftly now
One follow another in rapid succession
Time has come to rise to the action and make bold statements
Not always the popular decisions to bear the burdens
A life of single blessedness is a cursed choice
What is necessary is right in God eye and mine

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sherlock Fanfiction Brief

This Takes Place in an Alternate Universe (AU) where John gets Married BEFORE Sherlock gets back :
A Cold Empty Car Park.  As Empty as Sherlock’s grave.  Greg has just had another long day full of criminals and cases, red tape, and petty bureaucrats.  He wasn’t sure he would make it to the end of the day.  And now here he was, and he was still so tense he couldn’t help but do it. He pulled his out the old buddies, his compatriots.  His cigarettes and his matches.  If He can’t have his Sherlock back then maybe, just maybe, smoking his cigarettes might help him remember.  At least it might end up killing him so they could be together…
Sherlock steals quietly behind Greg,” Those things will kill You,” 

“God Dammit Sherlock. Couldn’t you just have shown up over a dead body instead?  I was half expecting to find you in my bed!”
“Why, is that where I should be?”
Suddenly a cold wind rushed over the scene. It was like a flash of light clearing the sky and Sherlock looked at Greg’s eyes and grabbed at his coat.  A brief exchange and they were entwined in each other.  Any passerby would have not recognized this loving pair as the distinguish constable and detective with the hat.  Today the only prey the detective was stalking had been Lestrade.  As they unlocked from each other, Sherlock turned to see a hurt John behind him.
“Why, Sherlock, Why?”
“Surely, John, you saw how I looked at him?  Never directly.  Always from the side, at glance.  Quickly at to not arouse”, Sherlock blushes,  ”suspicion.  I, who can remember everything, could not remember a simple name like Greg.  You truly think that I am as stupid as that?  I was afraid to betray myself with my foolish lips.”
“and what lips they are, my love” Greg stammers.
“But what about your WIFE!” cries John the newlywed, remembering that Greg had been separated only since Christmas.
“We were a farce, a lovelorn marriage from the start.  You know that The Yard is Civil Service and you must be above reproach.  When I started in the force, that meant being straight, and being straight meant being married.”
By now the light around the two had started to fade as reality had started to set in.
“But what will you say to people? Sherlock has fans. Crazies that lot.  They just might tear you to pieces.  They sent some nasty letters to Janine when she wrote all that smut in the rags.  I even got some e-mails and texts when I got married.  That Mrs. Hudson’s got a mouth on her I’ll tell you.  Somehow it got around that Sherlock and I were a pair.  I took a lot of laughs from Mary on that one.”

Greg took a deep breath and ran a hand threw his silver hair.  He realized that the cigarette he had been smoking was still burning on the ground.  He took a step over to put it out.  As he ground his heel into the butt of the cigarette he made a vow that he would never smoke again in his life.  He had his Sherlock back, life was worth living again.

Update on Family History

I first post this on my Tumblr.  This is a follow up to that post.

So UPDATE on my family History:
I sort of hit a brick wall.  A few in fact.  One line, I can trace all the way back.  Or at least back, as far as, I feel like going,(as far as records go).  About Mayflower era is far as I feel like going though.  However, there are the distaff lines.  For those of you not familiar(ah, the old jokes are the best), Distaff means the female, matriarchal line.  That is the harder line to follow because, duh, different names.  I did hit gold because my family founded a town. This book had all the information. Then, because it was a small town and travel was limited, well, you can guess.  But if you go far back enough in anyone’s family tree it stops branching, especially if you have royal blood.  All those tales about mad kings and vampires came from genetic diseases and intermarrying.  My German relatives came from Ludwigs and Gepharts, Dauberman, Haufner, Wilcox, Day, REIFSNIDER and Winters and are surprisingly English and Welsh! The English and Welsh surnames are Glidwell Pennington, Colley, Wilson, King, Bennet and Woodhead, Kaye , Hill, Harrison, Sharpe, Foster. On the Swedish Side they are Polheumus, Schenck, Covenhaven, Moonfort.  Then on the side I KNEW was mixed, I traced back a couple of generations of one grandfather but the trouble I had was there was a father who named two of his sons the same first name with different initials after his father had done the same thing so there were potentially four Raymond Lunt’s of the same approximate age.  They also had all been born in Massachusetts. I cannot find a marriage certificate for his wife which according to my mom is Mabel Oakes?   Then I find a war Pension Paper which lists an alias as Charles W. Stoccard as an alias for a Charles W. Lunt.  Several spots on the paper look erased.  The birth place matches(Maine).  There is a family story that he changed his birth date so he could fight. However I did find other relatives to trace from HIS father’s line.
So from of the four lines I figured I had to trace, I had two dead end, one total shocker, then back to the begining. 
On the Polish side, I figured that I wouldn’t be able to get too far.  I knew that either my grandparents or Great-grandparents were literally off the boat, or once you hit the boat you’re kind of out of luck, especially with the language barrier.  I had had extreme luck with English records because they had taken Censuses as far back as 1841 and once the Protestants settled down Church records were pretty much left alone.  I did find what I believe to be a marriage license on my great-grandmother’s side.  You would think that it would be easy to trace polish names because of the uniqueness. Unfortunately, when my relatives arrived in this country they were not educated.  There were portion of Poland that were not as well off as the rest and still under the nominal control of Russia.  Also, until 13th century only the Noble families used last names.  Even as late as WWII, many families still didn’t use last names.  I did trace some of the one side although my Aunt has told me that she has the whole thing because a cousin went to Ellis Island and did it.  I know that there are a lot of Zalot’s out there. Hi, Family!  The Cisek’s were the interesting ones.  I found very little but I know my Grandfather had definitely changed his name for business.  I do know that at the time he was on the Forbe’s list for something.  He had a barrel business and managed a minor league baseball team.  He had the opportunity to play in the majors but turned it down because it didn’t pay enough.  He would have played around the same time as Babe Ruth.  I know he had gone by name along the lines of Shezzer or Ceazzer?  There was a story but somehow I managed to block it out. There are some Polish and Austrasia and Hungarian records available online translated.  The problem comes when translating Cyrillic to any Romance language.  Certain letters have no equivalencies.  Sorry, I went off on a tangent there, I like linguistics.  It’s amazing that one of the first things that we learn in a foreign language is curse words.  I may not speak many languages, but I can curse in about 6! 

So that is my update on my family tree.  I started out in one place and end up somewhere I didn’t really expect.  But isn’t that life?  You never end up where you start out to go but it’s where you needed to be.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Poems: Black Hole Sad Smile

Black Hole
The greater object is thee
I collapse into myself
You draw nearer
You can not escape
Time and escape
Changes around us
There is nothing
No light escapes this place
Do we really exist
Is love an illusion
Harbouring each other
Like a port in a storm
Sooner or later
Gravity will stabilize
We will find ourselves
In a different Space
Will it be full
Of wonder and magic
Or will we witness
The first Big Bang

Sad Smile
Hiding in plain sight
Smile on my face
Glad they don’t know
What hides underneath
Sorrow and passion
Aren’t absent and wanting
Just come in such numbers
Too numerous to keep
Quicksilver changes
It exists in no form
But it DOES exist
Whether you want it or ‘no
Such are emotions
Both hidden and buried
Because you can’t see them
Doesn’t mean they don’t show
The signs are well hidden
The meaning are written
In language a few
Are privileged to speak
A twitch of the eyes
A cringe of the shoulder
Is volumes to those,
Honored and meek
The wisdom of ages
The knowledge of many
The love of a few
Who know what to do
So if you are reading
The poem and decode it
I think that this knowledge
Is speaking to you

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sherlock Season Four???

So I don’t think I wrote about my theories in full for Season three yet.  I've said that AGRA is a website of a company in England that does genealogy research or something.  But, when have you ever heard Sherlock agree with MYCROFT so quickly?  “I have a job I want you to decline.  I decline your generous offer. “  Curiosity killed the cat.  And Sherlock Holmes.  He told John he wouldn't look at that thumb drive.  If he was in Appledore He could see everything.  Mycroft was being blackmailed by CAM.  If Appledore went away Mycroft was free.  I see two possibilities.  One, Sherlock wanted to go to on the mission.  Two, Mycroft set Sherlock up because he was the only one who could do it.  I believe that CAM is not dead.  Also Moriarity but I discussed that previously.  As to why Mycroft was upset when Sherlock fired, in one theory he didn't know Sherlock was faking it.  If Mycroft set it up then maybe he didn't want Sherlock to go through anymore pain?  John was the only witness, really.  Why set it up?  We already know that John will believe anything Sherlock says or does.  Reliable witness?  Maybe it was all to draw Moriarity out of hiding.  That makes sense.  You know, I bet Moffat is sitting somewhere over a computer desk searching through the internet.  He pausing and going, hmmm that sounds good, a little of that, maybe that, and perhaps some of that.  D@&N YOU MOFFAAATTTTT!!!!!!!