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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The other side of the glass
A face staring back at me
Reflecting my current self
Or the world I long to see?
A silver mirrored piece
Causes such ponderous woes
When gazing upon its surface
Recalling highs and lows
The power and its image
It's leaden, heavy glare
Reminding us to consider
It's power is we care

Friday, April 29, 2016


It's not that I have faltered I'm falling
Into a deep and endless abyss
I close my eyes to the darkness
Head in to the growing myst
Thoughts take form and shape
No longer and amorpheous blob
If I don't say the words yet
I'm trying not to sob
A silent hole is growing
Deep down in my chest
Let's leave the world alone
Forget about the rest
It will keep for now love
Waiting for space and time
No matter what else happens
You are mine

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No Words

Standing alone in the crowd
Afraid to enter the fray
Bottled up feelings escaping
Pretending it's all just play
Words no longer express it
Turmoil, terror and strife
Brought on by detrimental decisions
Look what's become of your life
A tragedy born of a comedy
Heroes need more than just hope
When circumstances warrant it
Right at the end of your rope
Time to pull up your bootstraps
Hard at the end of the haul
But everyone's depending on you now
As the prophet who's leading us all

Friday, April 22, 2016

Le Petite

That stubborn curl wrapped 'round my fingers
As you place your head in my hands
The scent of your soap always lingers

The night is quiet and eerie
A soldier awaiting commands
I hear your heart beating clearly

The pace gains a beat, then a breath
I feel like I'm frequently falling
Caught between life and death

Stars burst forth in front of my eyes
Your name, I'm steadily calling
As from the dead, I rise

Midnight Sonnet

Your breath is the desert breeze
Hot and warm and swift
It puts my weary soul at ease
And my mind begins to drift
It wanders back to olden days
When time was young and free
The simple games we used to play
When love was you and me
The world may break outside our door
We've braced for any storm
I could not ask for any more
Tucked into your arms so warm
So let the coming war begin
Together we can't help but win

Empty Gestures

Grand and empty gestures fill space
We exist in the dark of the day
Time is meaningless in this pledge

Memories held precious and few
The little things if everyday life
Contentment blends into solid hue

So cherish each day when you can
Enjoy the mundane in the world
The little joys are the ones that you ken


I despair of ever being loved
I watch as stars go out
You went away and won't return
My pain and grief mount

I can't understand the depth of the stars
The mass of the universe amaze
the song of the world is a crackling noise
Matching my breaking heart's phase

You don't seem to know of my existence
My atoms depart and collide
If you don't acknowledge me then I cease
An ocean lacking a tide