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Monday, February 6, 2017


Somehow you still suprise me
After all these years in my head,
In my heart
In my soul
So much we can
Still teach
Still learn from one another
(I'm listening, love...)
Even though we may appear
Similar to the world outside
We approach the world in different ways
(Tell me, Teach me, love)
We look at a problem
From opposite corners, I guess.
I'm the one who wants
To take it apart
To see how it's made
To know how it works
So it can be put together
In the right way,
The first time
Without problems
(I can see that, dear)
If I may be so bold
And to comment on you
You are a builder
(Go ahead, love, what do I build?)
You build on the foundation that exists
And if that foundation is flawed,
You gently fix it which is the opposite
Of my policy of tear down and rebuild
(I see what you mean)
But the system is redundant
That is good
It covers any flaws
Catches the slips
Together the two are powerfully
As partners
As lovers
As Friends
Bound together for the greater good
(My word is my bond. Never doubt that)
When you begin to share stress gestures,
Then there is no tighter bond
(True. I'm surprised some of ours haven't caught up to us in upkeep.)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


A flash of Corona temporary blinds
The whole world lines those eyes
Uniting with ties, two souls entwined
Forever aligned and never to part
A fitting start to a blissful existence
No resistance is offered or needed
The love seeded needs no disguise
A fitting prize is the binding of minds

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Crushed cords fall in disarray
Tattered edges to torn seams
Too frayed to be rebound
Too far apart to join
Blue and white dissolve to black
As sunlight fades away
The world outside reflects the scene
Cause, effect, Which is which?
Both interchangeable
Lost ships won't reach the shore

Saturday, October 15, 2016


You occupy vast regions of my mind
We breath in the same rhythm
I look right and you're there to take my hand
My future is written by your hand
My words tell the tale
We are so entwined
Heaven could not separate us
The world can try
Our fortunes rise and fall together
As we breath
As we lay
As we love

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Conversation Unsaid

My love I hate to see you dour
For you I'll smile this very hour
When you're in pain I often wince
I've tried to not repeat it since
I long to kiss the tears away
They grow much more, day by day
Say the word, I will be here
Love, I'd follow you anywhere
I'll come to you if that's the way
With you alone I wish to stay

Sunday, September 4, 2016


A hand hovers over my side
The barest whisper of a touch
Stars come within view
Moving slowly
Serpentine strokes
Bring me higher
Tongue taunting, teasing
Tracing it's way home
Fingers follow
Breaking all bonds
The only thing left
Is you and I
And a steady strum
Of heartbeat

Friday, August 26, 2016


I'm not sure when I realised
It's always the little things
Shared point of view
What would it be like
To be part of the crowd?
That's not an option
I've stayed in my space
Unsure of how the tide goes
But knowing where it's headed
We should be matched
But our lines don't intercept
Changing the path
Could bring tears
Saving my heart
Is it worthy, worthless?