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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I'd love us to be together
I hate it when we part
There's no storm we can't weather
Bound by soul and heart

Hearts and minds and voices
Combined in glorious song
All life is based on choices
And we pray we are not wrong

When we finally join in flesh
As mind is joined and heart
Our souls will full mesh
We never more will part

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Ribbons on wrists
Stronger then wire
Feeding my ecstasy
Bringing me higher
More than gravity
Holding me down
Put in my place
With a smile or a frown
You hold the power
Over my soul
Fulfilling my body
Making me whole

Monday, December 4, 2017


Afraid is such a broad term
But currently how I feel
Afraid of what I'm feeling
Afraid it could be real
Terror down to my bones
Anticipation and dread
If this isn't terror or fear
I cringe at what's being said
This world is crashing down on me
Anxiety closing in
As the curtains fall dark and slack
I recounts all my sins
Fear is knowing you aren't best
Your best isn't good enough
No matter how you play the game
You play a bit too rough
No one will ever think on you
With stardust in their eyes
Or longing speak your name
With a heaving hearty sighs
The world is full of us
The normal everyday folk
The ones afraid of everything
Too scared to even joke
Our numbers they are legion
Out of cities we do rise
But no one ever hears us
For silent are our cries

Friday, December 1, 2017

Untitled 789

Wither you wander
I wander too
Following everywhere
Lost in you

The world fades
Sounds dim
Except for my heartbeat
A loving hymn

Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Sweetest Apologies

I present to you
My sweetest apologies
How must I prove it
That this is no tease
Coming forth as you will
Hands and feet and eyes
Your puppet for a day
Beware how the time flies
Amends mending while we play
Working your way up my thighs
Trying to stay silent and still
While part of my Soul slowly dies
As you eat my heart bit by bit
I think I've achieved my prize

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I wish you were always by my side
There would be nothing left to hide
In your arms, I'd be content
With no more sins to repent

The view is grand from here
No longer blocked by tears
Picturesque and heaven sent
With no more sins to repent

I fold into your arms
Knowing I'm safe from harm
Is this what the Poets meant?
With no more sins to repent

I wish you were here by my side
With no more sins to repent

Saturday, November 25, 2017


In a wave of memory
A scent drifts past me
I knew you couldn't quit it
I knew you couldn't quit me
Haunting me in bursts
Shame I thought of it first
I wish I could quit you
I wish I could quit this
Painful and joyful the same
I'm dying to call your name
I fall over and over for you
I fall each minute for you
Souls forever bound
In your heart I'm found