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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No Baggage

Follow me to the ends of this earth
I guarantee you, things couldn't get worse
This whole world is filled with terror and pain
But my only thought is to see you again
Together we'll open people's eyes with mirth
We'll fill our home with love and birth
And as children and laughter spill down the lane
No longer will the world deign on our little reign

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I have been your pawn
Your willing slave
Have I done your bidding well enough?
Followed your rules?
Toed the line?
Still you say it's not enough
You have emptied me
Taken the best
Left me nothing
But a broken shell
Perhaps someone else
Will come across me
And fill me
And make me
Whole again

Sunday, February 11, 2018


I will never be your better-half
Can't you see it now
The two of us trying to reason
Why wherefore and how
And when was the last time we even laughed
No matter what the season
We seem to beat the odds
Constantly fighting each other
Mistaking ourselves for god's
Losing our cohesion
What once bound us strong
Is now tearing us asunder
What is this important key
Is there a desk it's hid under?
Would trying to find it be wrong
Stars say together we together should be
But reality rips them to shreds
Perhaps our love was just a gaff
For if we cannot get long in our heads, How can our hearts be destined to be? ____________________________________

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Smell of roses drift through the air
I remember the ones you sent before
There won't be any this year
As sad music plays in my ear
It's hard to know that you've gone
That were miles apart tonight
Sitting alone in my car
Feeling lonely, distant, ajar
The words were too hard to say
We needed to work on us
Commitment was asking too much
In step but out of touch

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

For Good

When you're not here my world despairs
Although you're in my head
Time moves quickly
Then slows again
Without you everything spins

The times when you're here we move in sync
But away you're out of step
We fall together
Then fall apart
It's hard to begin again

This world is hard when we're alone
And harder day by day
You come home
Then leave again
One day you'll be home for good

Charm To Rejoin & Tear Asunder

Bring together what was stretched too far
     Whether by train or plane or car
Give strength and knowledge to get the job done
     The first step is over but the game's just begun

Send knowledge of future, of justice, outcome
     To the one who left tasks empty and undone
Will power is needed and a strong steady friend
      To help them acknowledge that this is the end

Two parties, opposite in goals and in means
     Their lifestyle seems idyllic almost sanguine
It's only a façade, behind a closed door
     Any time together feels like a bore

First, bring to her what she sees in herself
     Power and glory, wisdom and wealth Follow the song of the muse that she hears
     No longer chased by that what she fears


Then for him, growing patiently older,
       His request is the one that is the  bolder
He must go to the point where they meet
     Follow his heart to the echoing beat

Monday, February 5, 2018


What's left without surprise?
With nothing new to learn?
Only more compromise?
Will our hearts beginning yearning
For freedom we aren't really pleading.

Will our hearts still burn?
Or slowly start to bleed?
As wheels start to turn,
Where is this situation leading,
Hearts broken or mended?

Will we be be foe or friend?
Is this beginning or end?