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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Birthday

I remember today was your birthday
I thought on love that is lost
But without an equaling measure
How would we know true love's true cost?
That sweet ache that tells us we're living
That pain that makes breathing so hard
Cured only by physical presence
Cuts through my heart like jagged shards
So while you celebrate your birthday
While you party with family and friends
Blow out one candle for me, dear
The girl whose heart now mends

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Love has no Language

Deseo tener tu amor
Je dois être complément aur
Wenn es nur eine Möglichkeit
att fylla dig med min kärlek

This was an experiment. I wanted to try a multi-lingual poem.
English translation as follows:(doesn't quiet rhyme)
I desire to have your love
I need to be completely sure
If only there were a way
To fill you with my love

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I went to call you today.
I wanted to share my soul with you.
The line was too far.
It's not the right time.
One day I will take the road less traveled.
I only wish to hear your divine whispers.
Grant to me your grace love
Allow me to be here in the warmth in the night.


Roaming adventure
A journey to lands unknown
Exploring the grass
Warm and gentle
The steady pace
Galloping to the finish
The pattern moves to crescendo
The homeland is within sight
Plant the flag
The quest is at the end

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Can you imagine love, on that great day
When friends and family have faded away When lights are low turned mellow and gray
Can you imagine love,
What you might say?

Will you recall love, the way we now feel Holding hands and hearts feels incredibly real
My love and devotion without bond and seal
Will you recall love,
The love you now steal?

Will you be patient love if I am not ready
I'll need your hands powerfully steady
I'll need your heart I may not be ready
Will you be patient love
When love is so heady?

When stars align love, we'll be in tune Standing together under the light of the moon
Hold me close as the birds all croon
When the stars align love
True love will bloom

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Light

Does that mean if I call your name,
You'll be there at the ready?
I confess it somehow frightens me
To think of you so steady
From mirth to tears and back again
All life's simple joys
Are brighter love because of you
You quiet maddening noise
When at first you came to me
I found myself quite lost
The magnitude of loving you
What would be the final cost?
But now I crave your company
Your touch in darkened night
I confess my early sins for now,
I've come to see the light

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Growing Up Isn't Easy

When I was a child
You hurled insults at me
Reviled me
You call me weak
Do you even remember my name?

When I was older
I knew why you you insulted me
The need to possess or control
Was an all-consuming hunger
You wanted my soul.
Now you don't even care for my attention

When you were in college
I was a distraction, a means to an end
The way to get what you needed
Do you even remember I exist?

Now I'm older
My scars no longer burn
The pain is still fresh though
It forms my whole being

For though I have been
Slander and abused and
Taken advantage of

I survived

I'm stronger

I will go on