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Monday, November 23, 2015


No memory of when this started
No thought of when it ends
I humbly beg your pardon
We were the best of friends

But now the sky's exploding
And stars, they fall to earth
I feel my world imploding
The pain of life, rebirth

When we stand together
We cannot be apart
These bonds will never sever
The chains upon our hearts

Thursday, November 19, 2015


We walk alone together
Shadows holding hands
Bands are breaking daily
No more base demands

I love you not in anger
I love you not in hate
Fate is a clever device
Making zeal abate

Tomorrow comes on sudden
The winds of time blow true
Through thick and thin together
I'm standing alone with you

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Changing guard, changing times
Toys are put away
The hollow bells begin to chime
And numbly we obey

Place and time already set
Naught to do but wait
Hearts that fill with pain, regret
Fight the hand of fate

The time approaches quickly now
As turbulent feelings grow
Will this end in promised vow,
Or heartbreak pain and woe?


If it were you...

Would you...
Still be waiting,
Still be hoping,
Still be longing?

Your brain think of me first,
Your body ache for me,
Your soul burn for me?

Could you...
Wait patiently,
Move on,
Find a new love,
Find a new life?

But what about the promise...
Not to betray or stray,
Not buy look or word,
Or thought or word,
Or by touch?

Would you...

For me?

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Dance

Eyes with penetrating gaze
Pierce the madness and confusion
Slowly meeting across the haze
In want of inevitable conclusion
Stranded there in captured fate
Lifeblood flows a new
Staying here is worth the wait
The need to see this through
Reaching through the Great Divide
The dance, a pax de deux
Coming forward side by side
My fate is tied to you

Friday, November 6, 2015

Love Formula

When time was old and we were young
The rosebuds blossomed blue
Throughout the land the Word was sung
Of Deeds both good and true

When time was Free and we were kept
The rosebuds blossomed black
The singing ceased, flowers wept
Our words for feelings, lacked

When time was young and we were old
The rosebuds blossomed grey
Time was stalled and dark and cold
The seconds passed away

When time was kept and we were free
The whole world blossomed new
We walked and laughed by sandy seas
The words we spoke were true