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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scrap of Paper Poem

Okay... This one needs an explanation. There were boys involved.  No Names.  This was never intended as anything but a playful poem in my head.

Oh! Blue eyed blessed balm
That fills my daily life,
I beseech thee lover, Answer me?
Shall I be thine wife?

Oh! Golden eyes that glow
You tease, you taunt, you rave.
How can I love thee so?
You are but a knave.

Oh! Beautious Brown eyed fate,
That broken blessings blame,
Could you be my soul's true mate?
Or wil hearts tremble in infinite pain.

Oh! Green and glowing eyes
That glower from tree to tree
Do I know the choice is wise?
Or should in choosing, I remain free?


I’ve waited so long the time has passed
Does it even matter any more?
The mission has failed and time has wasted
Nothing will ere be as it was before
Now is the time to be wishing on mountains
Now is the time for calling on gods
The world will end soon if we two only know it
The universe will implode in a ball of light

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Beyond Blue
O’er yonder horizon
Loving eternal
Beyond hope and reason
Loving Laughter
Turn Bright Blue to Green
Envy, Jealousy
Never believe everything seen,
Flirting causual
Not meant to view
Left Lonely
I wish to woo
Come back a’gen
To my loving arms
I’ll teach ye the use
Of your heavenly charms

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Two days together
And you are mine
Together forever
Till the end of time
Two hearts beating steady
Within one mind
Together forever
Yours and Mine
I feel your body
I know you feel mine
Unbroken in heaven
A beautiful sign
My love I need you
I love your mind
I hope you consider
My wonderful find

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who is the Doctor?

I was sitting here and had a horrible thought.  The doctor always lies, right?  He never has a girlfriend, except for once when he was kinda sorta married.  He's old and British.  He has a critical thinking mind.  He cant resist a puzzle.  He's very witty and thinks no one knows more then him.  He's unconvential.  No one calls him by his full name.  He's a maverick who doesn't follow the rules.  He has one or more people that he directs to do his bidding.  HOUSE!!!!  Everybody lies.  What a great misdirect!!  House is writing the whole thing as a book while in jail.  What about that?

N.B. I was watching some of the extras on The Key to Time series and they(the prodcures and writers) made references to Sherlock Holmes.  This explains a lot.  The writers for House had said they intended it to be "Sherlock Homes in a Hospital setting".  Also a neat fact, the writers for Doctor Who said that they wrote the Master to be the Doctor's Moriarty.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review Doctor Who: HIDE

So in order of viewing this is the third “modern” Clara episode we seen, although it was the first taped.  That does seem to come across in the acting.  Matt and Jenna seem a bit unsure of themselves, their touching hesitant this lines a touch slower then the previous two episodes.  Obliviously like River they are doing it backwards!  I don’t need to write a word for word plot analysis, there must be at least twenty online as of yesterday, an more on the way.  My feeling for the plot was that is only a side show, the main purpose of these episodes is to further the Clara story arc and the 50th anniversary story arc. We have been given so many clues, but which are real and which are red herrings?

First on the list is the empathic physic, Emma Greyling. Did anyone else notice a more then startling resemblance to a young Sarah Jane Smith?  The clothes, the hair, even to the point of being a “companion”.  She did come off a little more reticent the Ms. Smith, but if my theory of this being some sort of dream sequence holds , wouldn’t the Doctor remember her softer after Amy Pond and River Song two of the most forthright companions.

Another interesting fact is the house is called Caliburn House.  This must be a reference to Excalibur.  It seems doubly so with all the mentions of water.  The witch in the well, that is an obvious reference to the lady in the lady who give Arthur the sword. Who in Doctor Who is the Lady in the Lake? River Song! That would explain why the music room is the HEART of the house.

Speaking of names, when the doctor is introduced to the professor the following exchange takes place;
Professor: oh so you’re a Doctor. Of what?
Doctor: Doctor what? That’s different
The Doctor also says that ignorance is Carlisle.  And that, “I do so love a carrier pigeon”  Well, Doctor, apparently so do I if I keep watching this show!

Some throw backs to the Old and New/old shows were in there besides the Sarah look a like.  Several of the pictures seemed like they were either of people the doctor has visited or by people he visited.  Also the statues were covered(so they couldn’t turn into Weeping angels).  One of the paintings resembled a scene from THE E-BOOK written by Amelia Pond.  The line about whiskey  being the 11th most disgusting drink ever is a throwback to Matt being the eleventh doctor.  The EYE of Harmony was THE plot point from the 1996 movie.  The Metebelis stone is from Planet of the Spiders.  Also, not a throwback to Doctor Who but Prof. Alec Palmer worked for the BAKER street ministry.(Sherlock Shout out)

SO now the TARDIS talks?  And flies itself?( I thought only the Doctor and River Song could fly the TARDIS) When did that happen?  BTW it may have looked like Clara but it sounded like the DOCTOR/DONNA. What happened to the wardrobe? It was there last week.

Some other random things that don’t fit in anywhere.
The over mentioning of HEALTH AND SAFTY. WTF
Clara said that love sticks out like a big chin. (We know what you’re thinking)
Clara is the only mystery worth solving.
Why did the Doctor bring back the “crooked man” and not take the “crooked women” home?
First time hearing the cloister bells in a long time.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Past

A Dark corridor
Is where eternity lies
Wrought with sorrow
Pain and Sighs,
You bright up my life in
Like the sun in mid June
Like the sky fills the moon
An illusion of an osasis
You go and disappear
The sorrow in my ribs
Again begins to sear
I guess I’ll never know
The treasure I have found
Until it disappears,
Without trace or sound
The Light up ahead
Will guide me home
Never again shall I forget
Where I‘ve come from

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nail Polish or Permanent Paint

I went to do my nails the other day.  I'm a girl, I do things like that.  I went to my local drug store, Walgreens(It's closer). I saw a bottle that said Diamond Strength, No Chip Color.  Okay I said to myself, that sounds good.  I bought the #SallyHansen in Lavender Marquis.  I have always had issues with my nails.  I can have a professional manicure and have them snap off by day's end.  If I do them myself at least I don't feel as bad when them don't last.  But I thought I'd give this product a shot.  Boy was I suprised when it lasted one day, two days.  However, when I went to take it off...  I had to have spent at least half an hour with the nail polish remover.  If I had acetone it might have gone faster but alas I just had the regular stuff. I must say it kind of turns me off of a product that you have to by heavy duty chemicals to remove.  Just Saying!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cold War Doctor Who

SO… Cold War…

Alright there must be twenty five million reviews out there of the general plot, if that’s what you want go away now.  This is for the hardcore Whovians looking for double meanings and Easter eggs.  This is where the weird theories go to hide.

First, the Professor.  Where have we heard that name before?  Umm, End of the Universe last stop, the Master is calling.  Just like him to hide with the Russians.  Let me count the anachronisms.  First, wrong cassette player.   Second, Hungry Like a Wolf came out in 1982 so it wouldn’t have made it over to Cold War Russia for about five more years.  He pulled the Sonic Screwdriver and Barbie Doll out of nowhere(more on that later)after they went underwater somewhere.  He was asking Clara very personal questions.  The Ice Warrior didn’t kill him.  Why would there BE a professor on a nuclear sub?  Why would he think the ICE WARRIOR was a mammoth?(NOT EVEN SIMILAR SIZE) And I swear that the Quote ”It’s a young man’s game, all this dashing about.” is something that the First Doctor said to Ian.

Okay back to the Barbie Doll. WTF??!!?!?!?!?  The Doctor even kisses it when he gets it back.  With the current theory of this whole season being a dream, I guess it represents Rose or his ID or something?  Also the ball of string?  “They brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff” more Puff the magic dragon references?? Also the third thing the Doctor pulled out of his pocket.  I missed it on the first two viewings.  One or two people thought it was an apple.  I saw a wooden rose.  But if that was a rose what does the Barbie represent? ARRGGGG!!!  MOOOFFFAAATTTT!!!!

Also Clara mentioned Pinocchio. When she was a Dalek she wanted to be a real girl. Ha ha.  Another bad throw away, Hungry Like a Wolf= Bad Wolf= Dalek
One thing I didn’t get.  The Ice Warriors left.  Was the bomb decommissioned by the sonic, because Clara sang the song, which reminded Skaldak of his daughter, or was it the song itself?  Or was it deliberately obscure?  If so how come they can make all these little hints and subplots but the main plot bombs? Also they surfaced WAY TOO fast, anyone heard of the BENDS?!?!
Just Saying!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Happens Next, Island Board?

Hear that sound? That is the sound of 330 years of history going down the drain.  I respect and admire Don.  He has only
one voice and gets only vote. He can try to persuade the other managers but they seem to have made their minds up already or else they would not have tried so hard to defeat us.  The BOIM is desperately lacking funds due to over reliance on the lawyer. (We intended to replace him with a pro-bono attorney)  One member says that she does not have the time now.  When the board is broke, she will have plenty of time.  But she is not the only board member.  Why were other members not working on these projects? I see where the board is heading and it is not a good place.  I vacillate between attending the next few meetings and staying home, like a little child hiding their eyes behind their hands at the scary movie but peeking through to watch the killer chop someone’s head off.  I say the next few meetings, because the BOIM will not make it more than that without financial intervention and several of the board members just insulted the only investor!  That is, unless there were backroom deals in the works.   Is someone waiting in the wings to swoop in and save the day?  I feel so hopeless that a great resource for the school children will sit there untapped.  Not only that but without the BOIM and defend it, the state still intends to dump dredge spoils on the island.  That involves removing the trees and defoliating the island.  No more birds, no more wildlife, no more resource.  I wish Don plenty of luck in trying to work with the inflexible people on the BOIM.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hidden Agendas

      You know what I hate? Companies who have a great product, something that I would love to try, but they won't let you try it without signing up for a year. If your product works, is good, or is worth buying, guess what; I'll come back.  If not IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! 
     Why is this a radical idea? What happened to the idea that you sold something worthwhile to someone? If I see something advertised as a year or more subscription, I don't buy that product.
      It almost seems as if companies make products designed to fail.  Everytime I buy something in a store I get asked do you want a warranty with that.  I killed three toasters in the last year, for crying out loud!  The banks used to give you a toaster when you opened an account because it was supposed to last as long as you and the bank.  I guess since the banks failed, the toasters suck too?
     Cars are another example.  The cars companies make the cars to sell to the leasees who trade them up every few years.  They don't care a red cent about everyone else who has to pay the ridiculous prices for parts they can't afford.
      People have stopped caring about people.  "Business is business so if I screw the little guy it doesn't matter."  We need to stop caring about the bottom line and start caring about the poeple trapped at the bottom of the barrel.

Rings of Akhaten

So this is supposed to introduce us to the pace of the new companion.  Last week we saw her in a frantic pace and it was more the Doctor trying to get the feel of her and how she interacts with him.  This was more of how the tone of the series is going to be. *shrugs*  The blue screen stuff was so-so.  I really expected better.  What is it with stuff disappointing me lately? I have heard the latest online ramblings.  The whole season is supposed to be a dream, with Tennant coming back at the anniversary after not having regenerated after the End of Time.  I would love that,but not all the clues work.  One of the clues is the birds chirping.  But that is from the episode with the Dream Lord which occurs with Amy after regeneration.  Another thrown away clue was that the Doctor quoted Puff the magic dragon in this week’s episode. Missed that did you?  He tells Merry she has yet to see the painted wings and giant rings or something.  Subtle.  And he mentioned his granddaughter.  Almost everyone caught that.  Why?  He told Rose and Donna he forgot about that or removed that part of his memories or something.  Also, why was Donna left out of the companions special?  She was a GREAT companion in my opinion.  She and the Doctor has great adventures, lots of fun and without her he would have never met River, had another Daughter, defeated the Time Lords etc, etc. Sorry, tangent. So, Let’s get back to this week’s episode, shall we? The singing threw me.  It was great; the girl should have an opera career.  But I would have loved to be able to know WHAT they were singing.  The words and the dialogue were overlapping and you had to listen carefully to understand either one.  I choose the dialogue.  I would still like to hear the music though; I do appreciate it for its musicality.  I also understand that the long drawn out speech was achieving a point but it was still long and drawn out.  The Doctor’s speech was pointless after Clara made hers.  I would have also appreciated knowing why they called the monster/mummy thing grandfather unless this ties back into the whole this season is a dream thing.  That would make sense because the Doctor views himself as a mummy/monster/god/grandfather who abandoned his children/grandchildren.  If the whole season is a dream what does Clara represent? She doesn’t represent the child/grandchildren he’s lost because he’s being shown representations of them. Also interesting point, Clara’s mother was born on September 11.  The Doctor has pointed out that certain time/dates are fixed points and some are hot spots.  I would think that that date would be.  Other bloggers have pointed out that the car that almost ran over Clara’s father looked like the car that ran over Rose’s father.  If this is a dream world that would make sense because he’s pulling images he knows.  If not, that would be a freaky coincidence.  Oh well, that’s my thoughts on this week’s episode.  Feel free to yell in the comments.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Fluffy and floppy, the cony come carousing
Wondering withering they will to walk
Spring has sprung medows meandering
Rumours resounding the world will rock


So Far-
Clara (Oswin) Oswald-
Born Nov 23,1989/Nov 23, 1886 –Dec 24,1892
Makes her 24 in modern era same age as when Who was first cancelled
Catch Phrase- Run You Clever Boy Run/ Remember Me/ Run Away/ Run Home
Wears rings consistently ( wedding ring?)
Her mental picture from AOD resembled Jenny’s (#10 Daughter) who is not dead, Slept on Kite, had rose in hair, Listened to Haberna Aria, Wore red
Maybe related to the Dalek Puppet that initially contacted the Doctor
Likes Souffl├ęs
Appears Super Smart/ Bisexual/ Flirty (Like Jack)
Master of disguise/acting
No fear of the unknown
She supposedly meets River song this season, so she can’t BE River Song
Has unusual first reaction to TARDIS (smaller on the outside)
She has unusual abilities (Hack the Dalek mind, she found the Doctor, understood complex science)
She seemed to be alone (AOD mother may be dead, No family at grave in Snowmen)

Other facts
The Rose and Crown pub
The Doctor never saw her vision of what was inside the Dalek
If Jenny’s spaceship is supposed to be a clue to the Doctor it doesn't work because only the audience saw it.

If they tells us his name, it would kill the show
The Doctor is on his 13th regen, not 12th.  He regened during Tenant’s time, just back to himself.  During Stolen Earth, Unless he absorbed some of River’s regen powers when She healed him.
Thus screws the timeline where his 13th regen is THE VALEYARD, on GALLIFRY and all the evil the Doctor has ever BEEN.  SO by killing himself and surviving the Doctor created an alternate timeline where we have no idea how many regens each Time lord has or if Gallifrey survived the Time War.

River Song-
If the Universe is in Chaos, what does this do to River Song? Since River is Meeting him backwards she should know what’s going on.  She should have a clue who Clara is!

ON BBC Broad Casting Choices
After the Marathon BBC picked specific episodes to run.  I believe they have meaning regarding either this season or the fiftieth.

The God Complex- The title is from a line where the Doctor is told he has a god complex.  We’ve seen the trailer where he says he is very afraid.
Closing Time- Obviously this is reintroducing us to the cyber men.  I also think the baby or Craig maybe coming around again.  I thought I may have seen his face in the WI-Fi.
The Wedding of River Song-  Dealing with Time gone wrong?  An explaination of why River shows up?
The Eleventh Hour- When he crashes the Tardis, Maybe part of the redesign?  Also He said something about not quiet being done baking.  Also giant hole in the time/space continum
The Beast Below- Painting says Matt Smith.  The last place we saw painting beside VanGOGH.  Also SMilers, UGH!

So New Episode-
Cumbria 1209 That might be important
When we meet Clara she is wearing a flight wing necklace.  She is reading a book called Summer Falls by Amelia Pond.(bbc IS RELEASING THE Book) And in her front Hallway, Tom Baker’s Hat and scarf, or a fairly good replica.  I think the book might reference the fall at the plains of 10zalore.  Yes I spelled that wrong on purpose.  I think everyone caught the Jammie Dodgers.  Also this is the first time we saw the wardrobe with the modern Doctor.  The Spoonheads were very repetitive like the Snowmen. They also reminded me of the Library. The Monster from Midnight also repeated as a learning tool.
The writing on the Wi-fi HotSpot seemed to Look alien, in fact Gallireyan.  Why if it is being run by the Great Intelligence’s Agent who is human? The Motorcycle, A Triumph, appears to be the same motorbike from LET”S KILL HITLER, upgraded.  This episode also reintroduces UNIT. The first page in her travel book is LEAVE(leaf). 

Now some of these things are spoilers but I think you might get some more enjoyment watching the episode again after reading this, so I apologize to your friends and family who are as dedicated to Who as you.  They will just have to learn.

Board Of ISLAND MANGERS Elections April 1, 2013

Today is the DAY!.  NOW is the Time, actually 3-9 pm at 522 Wood St at the Keegan Center.  Time to make up your mind.  Will you vote for your friends?  Will your vote for those who do the hard work? Who does the hard work on the Board?  Who will move the Board forward?  Who is innovative and creative?  Who can use the social media to help the Board join the 21st century? Who has a plan?  Who’s plan will work and help both the city and the school children?  Is it who you thought when you started reading this paragraph? 


Jamie Zalot for a 3 year term
Mike Zalot for a 3 year term
Don Reinhardt for a 3 year term
Joesph Abate for a 1 year term