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Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Resolve the Final Scene of The Time of the Doctor and Where Do We Go From There...

The Answer to the question is River Song.  Clara can't fly the TARDIS, not well anyway. The Doctor seems to have lost his memory.  Who do you call? River!  She can fly the TARDIS, The Doctor has yet to give her his Sonic Screwdriver(and he's due for an upgrade anyway), and we have never seen a real relationship between the two of them.  Alex and Peter are more age appropriate then Matt and Alex.  The former seemed kind of cougar-ish.  Clara knows that she can contact River via telepathy and a trance but I am willing to bet the TARDIS has a quick set button to the Stormcage where River is being held when she is still alive.  I read somewhere the Moffat is unconcerned with paradoxes.

I think that once the TARDIS arrives at the Stormcage the doctor falls into River's arms and they kiss passionately and in an almost reverse of Sleeping Beauty, The Doctor's memories are waking up instead of him. Clara suddenly feels an outcast, a third wheel. But River pulls her into their wacky adventures which seem to border on the more wrong side of justice.  This will happened because Peter Capaldi is not only the 13th Doctor but... THE VALEYARD!  Moffat has made mention of a limited run at the Doctor role.  Perhaps as the Valeyard and River they find another way to rescue the Time Lords who grant the Doctor more lives. The Doctor could then regenerate when Moffat felt ready to make us cry again.  When ever we get settled with Peter Capaladi as the Doctor, I assume.

Of course these are just guesses.  We have to wait. Till next September or October, if rumors are right.  Where did I park my TARDIS??

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Smith's Swan Song

           So we say Goodbye to the Raggedy Man, The Chin,and let's not forget the one who got to MARRY the girl WHILE the universe and TARDIS exploded around them, then had to leave because everyone thought he was dead and she had to break back INTO jail. Then there was Clara who was and wasn't, then came and went into the Doctor's past lives and his ship(his main squeeze) and even got to met his darkest secret.
          With the town of Christmas in Peril, the Doctor is surrounded by enemies and the smile/crack in the wall was the Time Lords all along.  The Doctor decides against his normal policy(Run, run fast) and stays for hundreds of years, growing old and wasting his last regeneration.  After Clara and the TARDIS end up back at the Planet, which we find out is Trenzalore, Clara goes to the smiling crack in the wall and begs the Time Lords to grant the Doctor a new regeneration.  The Smile goes away and Clara thinks all is lost, but then then regeneration starts and the power of it kills all the baddies.  The Doctor and Clara go back to the TARDIS and she says wow you can keep your face.  He says it's just starting and poof there's Peter Capaldi.  Then he asks her how to fly the TARDIS.

          I don't know what this means for next season.  I'm sure he's losing the bowtie.  I did like seeing Amy's both of them.  River?  That would have been nice.  I think she should feature more in the new season.  We know their time line is out of order anyway.  I think Peter and Alex are a good match. I may write more on this later on the 5 or 6 viewing. LOL! 

Happy WHOlidays Everyone and 

May Weeping Angels Never Surround You!