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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Questions about the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

So, The Day of the Doctor…
I liked it.  I really did.  I just have some questions.
I’m not being mean but was Billy Piper preggers? That would account for the odd costume that was sort of flow-y.
Why was Clara teaching, and there?  What happening to the kids she was watching?  There was a throwaway line in Nightmare in Silver that leads us to believe that the girl was going to grow up to be Liz 10 or was that just me?
Speaking of Cybermen, why was there a head in the Dark Vault?  Also was I the only person who noticed the painting with the cybermen?  It looked liked “Washington Crossing the Delaware”
Is 11 still going to Trenzalore? Could that be where Galifrey now is?
If all 13 regenerations are used what happened to the Valeyard?  Do River Songs Regenerations count?  How many did she give him?  And how come the Master can regeneration as many times as he D@m* well pleases?!?!
Did anyone else notice?  The book 11 is reading in the Tardis is almost the same as the one the Men In Black when they are testing Will Smith and he shoots the little girl in the head for reading quantum mechanics in a bad neighborhood filled with aliens. Back to the future is actually mentioned by name.
Why were the Gallifrian children dancing around a maypole?  Besides the fact the city is at war, would Gallifry have a May or Maypole dance which was a fertility rite and religious celebration?
Also what happened to Leela and the bands of roving warrior tribes?  I saw Time Lord High Council, Regular Time Lords, and some sort of robot warriors as introduced in The Night of The Doctor, but no true warriors.
I don’t understand why Osgood was weak.  She was supposed to be the daughter of a military man.  She should be tough.  The only read I could get on it was that it made her Zygon correspondingly weak.  Or that like in Superman Returns half-breeds have lung-issues and that’s why she has the scarf. Thing about trying to meld a binary and regular cardiovascular system in one person! That would certainly require an inhaler!
I would have liked a better look into John Hurt’s Tardis.  It looked interesting.  BTW, what do we call his character?  Is he 8.5, 8 ver 2.0?, 9,? The war Doctor? The Warlord? Late to dinner?  Whatever we call him, I hope we get to see more of him, even if it’s just flashbacks!
I thought of something else.  We have always called the Doctor the mad man in the blue box.  Did you notice almost all the Doctors wear hats.  The saying mad as a hatter comes from the fact that they used to use mercury to make hats.  The Doctor’s not mad, he just has mercury poisoning.
There were some inconsistencies in Clara’s character too.  Half the time she seem to know the Doctor’s other faces, the other times she didn’t.  Also if she erased the Daleks’ memory of the Doctor in AofD why do they remember him on Gallifry?
The Vortex manipulator in the Tower Vault wasn’t Jack’s.  His code was an oscillating number on the end.  I believe between 2 and 7. (The Stolen Earth)
What happened to everything else that was fighting the Time War?  The Nightmare Child?  The Nevermores?


Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Day is Here DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary

I was going to write a full review of The Day Of The Doctor and the two prequels The Night of The Day and The Last Day and the Extra Elizabeth's Credentials.  However I realized that not everyone has not had a chance to watch it once, let alone twice like I have.  Also I am going to see it in the Theater which will be a large screen.  It will inevitable have bonuses and I will literally be able to see more then I can at home.  So be patient and I will write a review of our newest episode. Till then Allons-y and one more word MOFFAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spoilers, Sweeties!

Finally! We have anniversary goodies from the Beebs!  Since it's almost time to air the the episode it's about time.  Two trailers, yeah!  I swear I see Jenny.  I think I heard River Song.  I at least saw her bracelet (which was Jack's).  We have the return of Bad Wolf.  Also a looming big red button and marching Time Lords.  My only question is why are they staring at ten to the hour?  That's just odd.  Maybe that's a brit thing, I don't know.  The original episode aired at 5:15pm (tea time, you know).  But if by some miracle of modern science you haven't seen the latest trailers, here are the  short one the long one and Elizabeth's credential's.  Have fun and Allons-y! (Guess which Doctor I like?!)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What ever happened to Susan?

So I've been buying up Doctor Who DVD's from Amazon like they were going out of style.  I swear I'm keeping the economy going.  I  must be over 70.  My latest purchase was Dalek Invasion of Earth.  I always wanted to know what happened to Susan the granddaughter.  For the most part, even though Doctor Who is non linear wibley wobbley timey wimey, I can understand it.  But Susan is the fly in the ointment.  If she is there, it kind of messes with everything.  The general explanation of her being left behind because she was in love is good but sort of lacks and really screws with time lines.  Prime Directive, Anyone?  According to the cannon of the radio plays she has children and if you follow the books as well and accept that the Doctor is half Time Lord then she is a quarter Time Lord.  Why has he never gone back and visited her?  One of the things I love about the BBC DVD's is the extras.  On my copy of Dalek Invasion of Earth there is a production called What Happen To Susan?  It has a different explanation of where she went.  I don't believe that the BBC actually authorized this although they certainly utilized it.  I thought buying this DVD would clear things up but it only served to make me more confused.  It also cast the Doctor in a sort of bad light.  I wouldn't believe the things said of the Doctor.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD and expanding my horizons.  I think that is one of the best things about Doctor Who.  It makes you think outside the box that's bigger on the inside.  If the problem can't be solved you just haven't though of it properly.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I know that there are a hundred million ads on tv right now. I want to borrow your ears for one minute. My father was a teacher(retired). My brother teaches college. My cousins teach. My niece intends to teach. I know a lot of teachers. I have listened to what Chris Christie has said about education. He sent $1 to certain school districts. Technically, that is sending money. I wouldn't brag about it though. He was very bad to teachers. Teachers help raise the next generation. If our teachers are not happy they will not do a good job. What is your child's future worth? I am a Democrat. Even if I wasn't, even if I was a Republican, I would vote for Buono because we can't let Chris Christie destroy our schools. If someone in the campaign had reached out to me, I would have suggested the slogan "Go, Go, Vote for Buono!" But no one asked, I'm not important. However, we can make a difference. Go out and vote, help shape the future by making sure your children's is bright. 

Go, Go Vote for Buono!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Connected by scars
Tissues can heal
Heart wounds and fissures
Aren’t quite so easy
Time ebbs and flows
Moving faster and slower
Circling life
Pain comes and goes
What we do

Makes us who we are