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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Single Blessed Strife

I love you no longer
My heart is stronger
Yours, will break
My love I will take
Away with no fear
Not one single tear
I'll shed o'er our love
No longer above
Mortal State
I can't wait
To fall all over,
To love you no more
I forget you
But never shall you
I forgive
You fell through a sieve
By lies and deception
I long for perfection
To live and love together
This time, forever
A diamond ring
My heart wants to sing
When it hears a bell,
That glad tidings tell
Of Sacrament Holy
One Love, souly
I need protection
I long for Perfection
If I cannot find
I'll be in a bind
And never let know
True love's flow
And I'll live a life
Of single blessed strife