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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I made it
I survived the day
On the morn
Who know or doth say?
The time passes by
None 'er asking why
And I've said all
I have to say

*title suggested by My father

He said/She said

Let them keep talking
The lights on when you're ready
They've done all the talking
So keep moving steady
The sweet sounds of reason
Will soon bright your way
He says/she says
Shall quick fly away
The time it will pass
As people will stay
Reason has shown
Will paves the way
And when it does come
The light will blinding
True love at its best
As hate is unwinding

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Found this lying around

Mutual Destruction

The smell of you wreaths my every breath
As we lie embracing
Tomorrow is a heartbeat away
If it never came would you mind?
You hold my hand so tight
Yours engulfs mine
Your life is so grand
This is your sanctuary
Your refuge
Who would take that away?
When the sun rises you have to leave
I die a little each time
I die when you come
You die when I come
Mutual Destruction
A supernova in your eyes
Can we stay here?
I know better
But I can dream
Can’t I?