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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Winning Bluff

The winning bluff is very hard
Knowing they hold all the cards
To lose would be utter disgrace
Failure and a loss of face
So we remain on total guard

Faces of ivory carved
While pleasantries are being pared
Picking up the losing pace
The winning bluff

Avoiding all the wild cards
Holding the hand close to guard
Caught inside a hardened space
Losing to win the race
With the winning bluff

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


As  I lay there, we breathe in
Time refusing to pass us by
We lose all sense of reason

The winds herald the coming season
Leaves settle with creeks and sighs
As I lay there, we breathe in

I lose all sense of calm and reason
Clench my teeth between the cries
As I lay there, we breathe in

My thoughts have lost all cohesion
This miracle has mystified
We lose all sense of reason

One more press that softly frees him
Delivered of this great surprise
As I lay there, gently breathing
We've finally have a sense of reason

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thine is the kingdom

This is your kingdom
Conquer your territory
Learn its peaks, its valleys, its plains,
Bow and worship its Temple
Offer a sacrifice
Allow the floods to return
As you learn the ways of your kingdom
You ride it in a steady pace
Until you sight home
Then the true race begins
Heart pounding
A stitch in your side can't even stop you
Bearing down to push
Harder and faster
Quicker and more rapidly
As wild as the sea
Until you arrive
Where your kingdom is awaiting

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The other side of the glass
A face staring back at me
Reflecting my current self
Or the world I long to see?
A silver mirrored piece
Causes such ponderous woes
When gazing upon its surface
Recalling highs and lows
The power and its image
It's leaden, heavy glare
Reminding us to consider
It's power is we care