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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Refuse To Fall in Love

I refuse to fall in love
Lest our muse align
Our stars line up
And our voices join in song

I refuse to fall in love
Till the end of eternity
Till the sun stops burning
And my heart stops beating

So until I find my perfection
Until the stars align
Unless I find my soulmate
I will only be MINE!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary MY Guesses

What do we know?  First we know that the Doctor get called to UNIT for some reason.   Let’s assume (I know, never assume) that they send a signal out to the doctor and accidentally call 11 AND 10.  That accounts for Tennant and Billy Piper being there.  They tell him that they have a creature claiming to be Elizabeth the first in custody and they need him to verify who she is.  She says that she came through a time bubble at Loch Ness so that makes her suspect because that’s where the Zygons were last.  This also accounts for a different actress playing the role.  She turns into a Zygon but she is from the 70’s.  There is still a time bubble.  The Time War is starting to unlock from the Time Lock The Doctor (John Hurt) put on it.  Lord Benthem and The General are the First Time Lords to come through and try to warn The Doctor.  We get to see lots of CGI and Green Screen of the Time War, a regeneration or two (8 to 9, 9 to 10 maybe), some flashbacks of the doctor running away (because the doctor always runs), and we get a plausible explanation for why The Doctor get more the 13 regenerations and why regeneration 13 wasn’t The Valeyard like it was supposed to be. (Maybe he sacrifices a specific regeneration to make the Time Lock that would be a good one to give up)  Of course this is Moffat.  He lies.  The Doctor lies.  Or so we’ve been told.  It is a nice story to cover the fact that they don’t pay the researchers enough.   I think I managed to cover all the shots they’ve let us see.  They certainly have been generous with what they WANT us to see.  However, what we didn’t see it something else.  I am still half betting that the whole thing was filmed on a sound stage and the stuff we saw was staged to make us believe what Moffat wants us to believe.  The only reason that didn’t figure into my plot theory is that the Beebs is too cheap to let Moffat film and throw away the tape.  Even if those shots become an additional episode somewhere on a DVD.  I know that film will be used somewhere.  I wonder if anyone bothered to notice if the cameras they were using were 3D or not?  That would make a difference.

Okay what do you think?  Am I right?  Were they faking?  Is my Plot spot on?  Sound off in the comments!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Twelve guesses for the Twelfth doctor

1.Someone no one has ever heard of- This is my number one pick.  This is the general direction they go.  Most of the doctors were unknown when they were cast.  There was only one that had a heavy TV presence going in was Peter Davidson.
      2.Hugh Laurie- He seems to be the front runner.  I personally think that he is a great actor but he brings too much baggage to the role.  The Doctor as a druggie??
   3.Ruppert Grint- He also seems to be a crowd favorite.  I could see it, but again he brings the baggage of previous roles.  Expecto patronium TARDIS?
   4.Colin Morgan- I personal like this choice but the producers would never go for it.  He was already in an episode. (Midnight) I think he has the ability to take the Doctor in a new direction.
    5.Karen Gillan- Admit it, I made you think.  It has been shown that Time Lords can control the regeneration, remember Romana? The Doctor could be Scottish AND a Lady AND a Ginger!  Hurts your head doesn’t it?!
    6.Idris Elba- I personally see him as too serious for the role but it seems worth mentioning.
    7.Andrew Lee Potts- I think he’s funny and not so well associated with any character.  He’s not too old and plays funny and bumbling well.
    8.Jonas Amrstrong- I loved him in Robin Hood. He might be a touch too serious though.
    9.Sam Troughton- Good with the comedy, loved him in Robin Hood and Bonus Pat Troughton’s grandson! 
   10.Marina Sirtis- Someone else said this.  I thought about and it would be a different way to go.  I’m not sure it would play well with all the audiences.  I love her though!
   11.Aidian Turner- He’s cute and broody.  What else can you say?  Wait, I take that back, he’s hot!
   12.Damien Molony- See above.

Okay, so you can tell I’m US based because I picked a lot of BBC America actors.  I think they will pick someone that no one knows because that is what they always do.  I don’t know why we bother picking or guessing.  If I had my druthers I would pick either Karen or Sam.  That would make my day! :)
*Thank You to for the actor profile links!:)
and the Tardis Data Core for Romana's particulars! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pledge donations for PBS

I've always watched PBS. When I was a kid I watched Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and Where in the World is Carmen San Deigo? As I grew up I watched the after school specials. Now I watch the documentaries and music specials. The good programs always run during pledge week and I understand that, really I do. I hadn't seen a special in awhile, since their funding had been cut. The new pledge levels are $7.50, $20. and $25. But that is a pledge to donate that amount of money for a year. So actually the pledge amount is $90, $240, and $300. The corporation for public broadcasting is acting like a real corporation. Most people will sign away hundreds of dollars not realizing that they are doing so and add on to the financial misery that is so burdening of country right now. PBS is about to sit down for their end of year reports and financial statements for the fiscal year. (There’s ends in June) Please forward this or your own feelings on this and maybe we can save some people from spending money they don’t have by changing a corporation that should know better with morals that same corporation taught us.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Orphans and Mad Men in Blue Boxes

So, tonight saw a double blow in BBC America viewing public's hearts. First, the break out hit Orphan Black finished its freshman run with massive reveals, spoilers and quite a few OMG moments.  Second, it was announced almost timed to coincide with the airing of Orphan Black that Matt Smith would not be returning to the TARDIS next season.  Wow!  Can we hurt anymore?

First, let start with Orphan Black. If you have not been watching this amazing show, shame on you.  Go back now, we'll wait.  Ok, caught up now?  It’s great, right? So Evil Proclone is the original I think.  I can't believe Mrs. S is evil.  I think she probably worked for the company and had a change of heart like Delphine. That's why Mrs. S moved to the US.  I don't understand why Mrs. S. ran with Kirra, though.  I can't believe Alison killed the neighbor, although I knew the Donnie was the monitor.  Remember Donnie mentioned that he dated in college when he was broken up with Alison? I bet it turns out to be a clone too!  I’m willing to bet Helena rises from the grave or is not really dead, mainly because she's a really good character.  I want to know how Sara and Paul escaped the elevator because that looked really cool and there were guards upstairs and downstairs.  If the clones were made in the US, I believe that the constitution would guarantee their rights based on the 13th amendment. Okay, I think I got everything. Whew!

Now on to our favorite Time Lord! Allon-sy!  Maybe David Tennant will return.  Ha, but a girl can dream can't she! *Sigh* Now I'm questioning every single word that has come down from on high from BBC regarding the 50th because they had already made a statement saying that Matt was making season 8.  So why should we believe any statement up to and including who is starring in the special?  All names go back in the hat.  Also I had said before that the scenes shot did not seem to jive with what the official press release said.  Also Matt said painting, but Matt said staying so...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reruns...
Orphan Black returns Spring 2014
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary airs 23/11/13

I forgot to mention that both Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris deserve EMMY's! THEY ARE EXTRORDINARY ACTORS!  I wish them the best of luck during the upcoming award season, not that they need it, they are shoe ins. :):):)