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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


This field lies fallow
Ready for the crop
Fill it over the top
Leave no hollows

Your people lie sallow
Almost ready to drop
Dependent on a well filled pot
And drippings and tallow

Time is now to plant and seed
Follow the cart, removed the weed
Challenges faced, Plans at the ready
Moving forward, Careful and steady
So when the clock rings dinner time
The fields will be sewn, weeded, and primed.

Friday, August 25, 2017


I think of you and weep for days gone by
Why did you choose this path, this way
Days go by so slowly in this place
The pace is so idle it's almost a statue
Can't you just feel the time fall away
One day we will miss it, the days that have gone
Dawns and sunsets viewed apart
Hearts beating together in sync
At least, I think

Monday, August 21, 2017


Brilliant binding buoys me
Bringing me back beneath your
Beauteous blue-green eyes
Everyone envies this eternal entete
Never noticing the keening and the noise
So they simply stay away
Absence and alone are real
Don't desert those who are dear
They need you most of all

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sonnet In Gold

I call upon our sacred vow
Use it to drag you in.
In this world of rot and sin
I need you so much now

You reside beneath my skin
Like some powerful ancient Jinn
You wear me like a stolen flask
A procrastinated, uncompleted task

The time has come to cast the binding
Cord renewed, remade
Not that love could alter or fade
But sometimes it needs reminding

The simple elements remain true
But what never changes is me and you

Friday, August 18, 2017

Notes in time

Quick while no one's looking,
Let's run away from the world
This madness and confusion,
It's too much too take anymore
Who needs explanations?
Let them puzzle over it for a while
(But I have obligations)
They can be dealt with I think
I just need to be with you now
Before the world comes crashing down
(You're crazy you know)
Completely mad
But that doesn't change my feelings
My love for you
We need the time away
I need to see you
I need you

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This isn't the optimum time...
Not to tell you
Not while the world is spinning this direction
Certainly not for me

But baser urges...
Will not be denied
Cannot be cullified
Have no chance to the change the wind

What was started here...
Cannot be undone
Won't be on spun
Finds us all the closer together

Monday, August 14, 2017

Blue and Gold (Terzanelle)

What's good in this world is blue and gold
What frightens us black and red
The tell tale signs of the loving soul shows bright and bold

The perfect sky and sea wonderous to behold
With words that are better left unsaid
What's good in this world is blue and gold

Under rigors that would make a better men fold
Take for a fortnight or more to bed
The tell tale sign of loving soul shows bright and bold

These are the days of which stories are told
Filled with foreboding and dread
The tell tale sign of a loving soul shows bright and bold

Bring warmth to darkness and cold
Out of the abyss we are led
What's good in the world is blue and gold
The tell tale sign of a loving soul shows bright and bold

Friday, August 11, 2017

Untitled 555

Storm rising on the horizon
I remember dancing among the lightning
It never touched my body
Only my soul
Scorching where it hit
Binding us together
As we walked
Hand in hand
In a forest of lightning

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Protection Sonnet

Protect this house and all within who dwell
Depart all who mean to vanishéd the peace
If one doth come ring on alarum Bell
Awake, turn on the light, take up the feast

Raise the sea wall, crashing sound, dumped and drowned,
Ready the lights and powder the flares,
Draw the windlass to cover the ground all around,
Open the vent to allow for the flow of air

Thieves will be followed, cut-pursed and leery,
Goods will be sold back,when caught in the act,
Violence left, only for those who deal with Moirai*
Schooling criminals and shame, justice and tact

Please bless this prayer make its words heaven sent
And show those who would have harmed it, punishment

* In Greek mythology, the Moirai or Moerae /ˈm ɪrˌiː/ or /ˈmiːˌriː/ (Ancient Greek: Μοῖραι, "apportioners"), often known in English ...fates.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Le Soleil (The Sun)

¿Es-tu prêt?
Arriver comme le soleil
Brûler mes os à travers
Ce résidu réchauffe mon âme
J'ai enterré les restes de mon âme profondément dans la cendre
Je me LYE passer à l'acier
Si je devais changer mon âme ou mon cœur
Je ne suis pas prêt.
Mais pour vous, je vais essayer.
Je viens à vous avec des os carbonisés et l'âme de cendres et de lessive dans mon coeur,
Ce bateau est à vous
Pour travailler votre volonté sur moi

Are you ready?
Arriving like the sun
Burning my bones clean through
This residue warms my soul
I buried the remains of of it deep in the ash
There I lye turning to steel
If I had to change my soul or my heart,
I am not ready.
But for you, I will try.
I come to you with charred bones and soul of dash and lye in my heart,
This vessel is yours
To work your will on me

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Untitled #828

My eyes are like unruly hounds
They waver, close, and fall asleep
Encumbered with compassion
And the secrets that they keep
Until the moon grows thin
Until the seas run dry
Until the stars go dim
No inconstant, inconsistent love am I


Too many nights lay heavy
Burdened with my pain and your lies
I hope you know that I am ready
To carry your secrets and rise


Until the clock strikes elevens
No need to take it in your head to flee
Lying side by side
The pressure of you against me
I feel your burgeoning love
Laying aside me and mine
No need to move right now
The world itself will be just fine


Everything has a beginning
And everything has an end
The middle is sitting right here.
Time and two and twice again
The sky turns blue and gold.
Morning seeks to part this pair
Should the universe achieve this goal
The whole world will find itself stripped bare.