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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sherlock Season Four???

So I don’t think I wrote about my theories in full for Season three yet.  I've said that AGRA is a website of a company in England that does genealogy research or something.  But, when have you ever heard Sherlock agree with MYCROFT so quickly?  “I have a job I want you to decline.  I decline your generous offer. “  Curiosity killed the cat.  And Sherlock Holmes.  He told John he wouldn't look at that thumb drive.  If he was in Appledore He could see everything.  Mycroft was being blackmailed by CAM.  If Appledore went away Mycroft was free.  I see two possibilities.  One, Sherlock wanted to go to on the mission.  Two, Mycroft set Sherlock up because he was the only one who could do it.  I believe that CAM is not dead.  Also Moriarity but I discussed that previously.  As to why Mycroft was upset when Sherlock fired, in one theory he didn't know Sherlock was faking it.  If Mycroft set it up then maybe he didn't want Sherlock to go through anymore pain?  John was the only witness, really.  Why set it up?  We already know that John will believe anything Sherlock says or does.  Reliable witness?  Maybe it was all to draw Moriarity out of hiding.  That makes sense.  You know, I bet Moffat is sitting somewhere over a computer desk searching through the internet.  He pausing and going, hmmm that sounds good, a little of that, maybe that, and perhaps some of that.  D@&N YOU MOFFAAATTTTT!!!!!!!


Click Here Someone asked about my quote.  It is a rewrite of the Einstein quote "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what is an empty desk the sign of?"

Island Board Meeting March 27,2014

Calling All Burlington, NJ Concerned Citizens
Meeting of THE BOARD of Island Managers
7 pm @ City Hall
Come Join the Discussion
Election is coming up
April 7 @ the Keegan Center
Feel Free to Discuss at The Advocates Page or The Board's Page
Less the .03% of the City voted in the Last Island Election


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Compromise

I love you for who you are
Not who I want you to be
I learned long ago that compromise doesn’t work
If you aren’t yourself you have nothing
You should know what you are getting into
Otherwise the beginning will be the end
The shadows will draw nearer
As tomorrow’s troubles come at a price
Your freedom means more than mine
My heart will always be chained
But you could still flap your wings
Better to end with a song
Than to descend into the abyss

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Fibbie Monster

So when I was a little kid, my brother used to tell my weird stories sometimes.  One of them was the Fibbie monster.  You know that warning at the beginning of the videocassette.  He told me that if you fast forwarded through it, a monster called the Fibbie monster would come and eat you.  It was an interesting way to warn a little kid about international copyright law.  My father was an antique dealer, still is in fact.  In order to do his job, he goes to yard sales( boot sales, trunk sale, pick your local jargon) and flea markets(swap meet).  During these outings he comes across Videos, DVDS, CDS, Records, and other media, all of which might be carrying the Fibbie monsters warning.  Now sometimes, he comes across bad bootlegs or illegal copies.  These, he NEVER buys.  Those people are not paying at all for the material purchased.  It is legal to buy and resell used CD and DVD’s in the US.  But the illegal bootlegs are bad for the economy and hurt the artist and the buyer.  A few may have been thrown in bulk lots along the way.  There was one dubbed over in a foreign language.  There was one with an alien in it. (A person had snuck a HandyCam into the theater.)  I never went into a music store into I was in high school (about 14).  I only bought a few CD’s wholesale.  The ones I bought were meaningful because they were the ones that I took time to pick out.  That still applies.  The music and movies that I buy today online are things that I take time to pick out or to complete my collection.  Something that is off the beaten track maybe, or that I want so badly that I want it the day it comes out.  The stuff that everyone has I can get my hands on quite easily and doesn't seem to mean as much.  But it all goes back to that little eight year old afraid of the Fibbie monster.  I pay, or make sure that someone does anyway, for my media.  I certainly appreciate my music, my movies, and most definitely my books.  But then that, as they say, is another story.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lightning In A Bottle

Looking into your eyes
An almost touch
Hovering above the skin
Feather light ghosting
Was there contact?
Does there need to be?
A breath moves in time
Coming faster now
Warmth in the air
Can you feel it?
Spirits are soaring
A brief touch
Lightning in a bottle
The world explodes
Only then does the loving begin

Friday, March 21, 2014


Brazen red and orange
Clouds catching the light
Falling out of the sky
Day becoming the night
The moments seem to stop here
When all the world’s on fire
A spinning star stands still now
The eternal flame grows higher
Suddenly it’s over
Time begins anew
Magic is forgotten

Night sky blossoms blue

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Bodies intertwined
Made of the same flesh
Death by pain and sacrifice
Still there nonetheless
It’s the strangest feeling
Knowing that it’s there
It’s still a part of you
It hardly seems to be fair
It takes up all your nourishment
It makes you bear its weight
But when you need its wisdom
It always comes too late
Someday it will recover
And death will be reborn
Until that day can find me 
My unfeeling flesh I'll mourn.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time Changes EVERYTHING, Laced with Fire,A Four Letter Word,The Curse The Definition of Love

Sweet 16
Virtue and Innocence
Astounds all but a few
Sweet sixteen and not yet kissed
To all experiences new
A Lover never known
To which most are amazed
A kiss sweeter then wine
Never used to fade
A child yet in knowledge
A woman in body true
Yet information is known
Having experienced love so true
Feelings of surrender
Growing with each passing year
Holding on but wanting not
Loss with pain and fear
One day a prince will come
To take all away
Mercy in his heart
And forever there TO STAY

Oh to be older!
To Know ALL
And want not!
When Lovers can do as they please
And Adults have Power over such as I!

Oh to be Young!
To not Know the secrets of this cruel world,
To still desire life, love and passion!
Innocence astounds me and Treachery surrounds me!

Laced with Fire
Each night I lie and dream of one
Who kissed and awakened my desire
And for this day and each none forth
My nights are laced with fire.

The steady blue and orange glow
Changes to bright red and green
The fire is steadily burning
Alive within the dream

I hope that I shall never wake
Without you by my side
Come sweet love and answer me
Shall I be your bride?

A Four Letter Word
I know a four letter word that means a lot.
It’s taught me everything I know.
Its meaning can’t fill the largest pot.
It’s as if you reap as you sew.

It’s a part of you all your life.
But you hardly know it’s there.
Through all your sorrow and your strife
It teaches you to care.

It comes from the highest heaven
From far, far up above
If you haven’t guessed by now
That four letter word is love.

Eternity stretches on
With no end in sight
Life without you
Is a terrible plight
I’d pay dearly
To have you die
More would I pay
If your savior was I
I’d live a life
Of sorrow and pain
If I could hold
You once again
But all hope is gone
I’ll never admit
I, not you, up and quit
And the CURSE
Lives on

The Definition of Love
Love is a complete lack of self
The ultimate sacrifice
In love there is no break up
No substitute would suffice
Love counts no hours
No days, No nights
Love is only all eternity
A million blessed sights.
A pain that will not ease,
Until a chapel beckons,
A proposal on the knees,
Yet still it does not lesson,
It never condescends.
An eternity is waiting
For love that never ends.

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                    #Self, #chapel, #Sacrifice, #proposal, #condescend, #sorrow, #curse,

Monday, March 17, 2014


Every waking hour...
Life is around you
Bustling, hustling and
Moving all about you
The times in between...
Are they our true life?
Or are they just a puppeteers
Words reaching through our
Suitcases where we sleep?
And is our life we life
A play for someone's amusement?
Maybe we are destined
To live until we become
The perfection we for long for.
What happens when we die?
Do we cease to be?
Or do we go to another place
Where we are embraced by light?
All these questions and
No answers are coming;
I guess we will never know
The answers to Our Dreams.

N.B.  This was dated 1995 so that makes me about a VERY mature 14!  I believe it was a creative writing assignment about dreams.  I think I reused it a dozen times because although it didn't answer any questions it is a universal quandary.

Poems ***

For many years I hid my heart
And sheltered it from ache
If only I had waited more
I would still have one to break
You dropped in unexpectedly
Like a whirlwind in a storm
My life began to open up
A meaning began to form
Possibilities seemed endless
The world began to flame
Suddenly reality
And no one else to blame

Can a tree grow in a desert?
Or man survive without clothing in the cold?
We need nourishment to feed us
We need love to help us grow
Without the right environment
It is no good to plant a tree
Without the right equipment
We are as good as dead
But give us the proper stuff
And humans thrive on challenge
We fight to live
We grasps at straws
We live
We are

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poetry- 3 Poems- Flowers, Would You?, Tomorrow, Yesterday, and Today

Although I’d love for you to bring me flowers
I’d rather talk of books and music
And walk along the beach holding hands
And watch the sun sink in the water
There’s time enough for flowers when we’re older

Would You?
Would you love me if I called you darling?
If we never met at all?
If our eyes laid waste to time and space
And universes stilled in our presence?
Would our lives be the same
If time stood still at this very moment
And our paths never crossed?
What if we could go back
And start fresh with no “I love you”s?
Would the sun fall from the sky?
Would we cease to be?

Tomorrow Yesterday and Today
Tomorrow does not exist for those who love
Yesterday has no meaning
Only Now and Forever
When you love with your whole heart
Your hearts beat together
Your breaths come as one
Your minds are in accord
There is nothing else
But the one you love

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Burlington Board Of Island Manager Elections April 7, 2014 3-9 pm

So… It’s that time of year.  It’s Island Board Elections.  I know everyone is tired of hearing the same old stuff time and time again.  Everyone always says that nothing will ever happen with the Island.  Let me try to change your mind.  First, I was only on a manager on the Board for one year.  I voted against the web designer.  I recommended retaining a Pro bono Lawyer.  There is now a program through BCC that would enable the Board to utilize retired professionals at no cost.  I see no reason why the Board cannot take advantage of this program to its fullest degree.  I also see a need to reach out to the public and utilize social media.  The Board has a Facebook page and a non functioning website.  I have skills in computers that could be useful.  I know how to maximize the potential of the social media outlets.  There are multiple sites that the Board could be using to get word out about Events, Fundraisers, or Meetings.  There is always information to share.  Burlington Island is a geographical oddity.  It is the only lake within an island within a river in the Continental United States.  I know people who think they know a lot about Burlington that did not know that fact.  Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a program in the school to learn about our local history?  I believe the students study New Jersey history in Fourth Grade, maybe they could have a guest lecture from an Island Manger?  The Board has one stated goal in its charter and that is to use the Island to raise funds to further the education of the youth in Burlington.  This is not a Board out to make money for profit or to save for bridges or construction.  The Board is only a benefit to you.  When you come out and vote on April 7, 2014 you aren’t voting for a friend or relative you are voting for your children and your future.  The Board has given scholarships, built schools, and donated the land to build the schools on.  Come out and Vote @ the Keegan Center from 3-9pm for Jamie Zalot and Mike Zalot for Manager
If You Need an Absentee Ballot or a Ride Please Call
(609)-386-1778 or email

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Perfect First Date

I think the perfect first date would be at least four days snowed in at a snow chalet with some good books, a deck of cards, an instrument, some wine and no sex.  Hear me out.  You would either love each other madly or want to kill each other.  The scientific community has conducted experiments that have shown three days is the amount of time the brain requires to adapt.  The no sex is because sex is irrelevant to a good relationship.  The books and cards I think are self explanatory.  The wine, well, in vino veritas.  The guitar is because I believe music makes the world go round.  If your taste in music does not mesh you can not live together.  I picked a snow chalet because if you don't have the option of leaving you have to stay and work it out.  Also even if you don't have sex, you can still cuddle to stay warm.  However, my form of romance and patience are outmoded.  Valor and Honor have gone the way of rotary phones and the VHS.  Still someone has to have hope and it makes my writing have a little more oomph behind it.  Look at Emily Dickinson.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poetry 3 Poems- Clocks, Zen, Scars

Two souls wander broken
Slowly shredding to pieces
Life falls to the wayside
Pressure builds as time runs out
Clocks chiming
Tick Tock
Not Yet
A distant cry
Soft and innocent
A future possibility
More pressure mounts
Familial obligations
Where and When and Soon
A million Pieces on the Floor

Moving Forward
Standing Still
The deception of gravity
Time forces motion
To keep on going
While the rest of us
Keep Standing

Connected by scars
Tissues can heal
Heart wounds and fissures
Aren’t quite so easy
Time ebbs and flows
Moving faster than expected
Circling life
Pain comes and goes
What we do
Makes us
Who we are

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2 Poems- Ethereal and Second Look

The wind is like
An angered Whore
Who wails and beats
Her airy arm against
The window pane

Sticking tape will seal her fate
As air is sucked to form a gate
Her useless cries
Now peal the skies
And battle worn she dies

Second Look
On second look
I must have mistook
Your eyes were not as blue

On second look
I must have mistook
The hair that was turning grey

On second look
I must have mistook
The wrinkle in your eye

On second look
I must have mistook
The way you said goodbye

Monday, March 3, 2014

Between Heartbeats

Loving each other
In the space between heartbeats
Existing fully
In the small time we have
No other time
Matters when we
Can only share
The small space of time
That exists
Between heartbeats