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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Conversation Revisited

A Conversation Revisited 

Amor omnia vincit

truth conquers all

Amor enim liberabit vos 

truth shall set you free


   Love in truth, Conquer to set captive hearts free

 Dilgio in veritas, Set ad vincere capta corda

Link to A Conversation 

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Language of Love

Ja'Dore mon amour
Lui benedice mi ogni giorno
Ja'Dore mon amour
Sempre vemos olho por olho
Ja'Dore mon amour
Vi er bundet af vore sjæl nu
Ja'Dore mon amour
Ein calonnau yn caeleu plethu

I just love my love
He blesses me daily
I just love my love
We see eye to eye
I just love my love
We're bound by our souls now
I just love my love
Our hearts are entwined

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eternal Cross

Time's  a necessary burden
We struggle under its weight
Arguing proper pacing
Dealt a cruel hand by Fate
Missing each other by inches
Heads keep turning away
Seeing each other in passing
Knowing today's not the day
The world stays on pause now
Until the proper day wakes
Bearing the cross of Eternity
Is more than two people can take

Monday, March 21, 2016

Singular Lonesome Song

Not sure if I've said the words,
Or said them quite often enough.
But the feelings are there, counted.
Even when I seem angry or gruff.

Sometimes life is too weary.
This burden unwieldy, and vast.
Pain that's echoing onward,
Keeping injury after it's past.

I shouldn't be adding to your lot.
To do so's incredibly wrong.
It's simply that I can not bear it,
The singular, lonesome song.

So if you can, come quickly.
If not, whenever is best.
But when you do we'll leave here,
Take a break and then take a rest.


True light burns
Unbearable to unpure eyes
A cleansing fire of justice
Clearing the land of scurge
The waste is not neglected
It feeds the poor and forgotten
Who rise, phoenix-like
To govern the corrupt
And show by example
All are equal


Illusions dance in my eyes
This must be my final test
I've grown tired and weary with lies
My soul, my heart need rest
The world is watching the sun
As day is fading to black
Is my trial over and run?
Can I see the end of the track?
But the road keeps getting longer
There no one home to return to


Out of my head
Space is needed
Clearing room in the heart as well
An empty shell may be easy to break
But contains no fragile contents
The soul has been dispossessed

Sunday, March 20, 2016


It maybe hardest task by far
To hold open the door to the oncoming storm
The fire's not lit, the floor's not swept
I should send you on to the nearest safe house
But the incursion must go forward
The battle go as planned
Contingencies are accounted for
As all and sundry
Are seized

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The remains of one striking face
Haunting eyes in hollowed out cheeks
Following movements
Accusing at a glance
Only longing
For what once was
What could be
What never shall be

Friday, March 11, 2016

Silence: A Respite

I could tell you stories of power
When we quested for Glory and Gold
The battles for virtue and honor
Ideals we tried to hold
Now the land has gone quiet
The Dragon no longer roars
We battle to live our lives daily
Dreaming of what we once were
It takes time to recover from sorrow
And pleasure to cure you from pain
When we continue on with our story
Remember our favor and fame

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Last night

Ever vigilant she waits
The dawn drawing nearer
He brushes her hair off her shoulders
Slowy kisses begin
Up the side of her neck
Following the rise of the sun
As it clears the horizon
The bell tolls
A knock beckons
The headsman comes

#vigil, #poem #poetry #horizon, #knock, #headsman, #kisses, #dawn, #neck


Spinning frantic Mantic
The world in a paniced view
It helps to focus on you
I know what you're going to do

Tumbling falling calling
Feelings bubbling up so fast
No one thinks it can last
"Love is never that vast"

While we mozy; cosy and rosy,
Others are nosy and keen
We have no need to be seen
We know what lover really means

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Monday, March 7, 2016

True Love Story

Love does not mean
Never having to say you're sorry
It mean saying sorry as many times as needful
It means begging for forgiveness
Helping your love up off the ground
Dusting them off and trying again together
Apologizing for the holes in their heart
Pre-existing conditions
There is no I in love
Only a combined sense of being
When one is hurt, the other weeps