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Saturday, March 30, 2013


I'm still processing tonight's Who.  I don't want to post any spoilers yet.  I know people haven't seen it.  Needless to say it had something for the rabid Whovians and something for those who have never seen the show. (do those people actually exsist?)  I saw many, many Easter eggs.  Appropriate.  More to follow...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I keep myself in check
I try to control my temper
It’s hard to find your center
That place in you
That matches with the earth
When everything is spinning
When the world won’t stop
Quietly retreat to begin again
Start the game over


No one is made to be perfect
Everyone is made to be strong
When we tear each other down
We only destroy ourselves
Our foundations are built of trust
Lies serve only to obliterate
Viciousness and slander are the tools of the weak
Helping them only to fall further
We must stop trying to top and topple each other
Together we can reach the stars

Friday, March 22, 2013


As I sit lost and Hurt
Thoughts sped across my mind
Lying in dirt with a broken heart
Space and blood puddles in gallons at a time
The atmosphere is completely clear
Till my conscience starts to blur the sky
The trees start to sway
The breeze is not gentle
Lightening starts to streak
Hail and freezing rain
Falling, Failing to
Stop my
Heart from

Monday, March 18, 2013

BOIM Election Irrigularities

This has come to question recently.  What is the value of one man's word?  If one person says something happened is it true?  Does it matter who that person is?  Is the truth the truth whether more people are involved?  One person overhead someone ask the person running the election who was running for election.  The response given was "I can't tell you this, but here is her name ______ and this is how to spell it."  There were also two people that were turned away.  One person happened to be there while a council person and a local democratic committee person were there so their voting rights were not disenfranchised.  The other person was not so lucky.  I think that if one person was disenfranchised that it is a black day indeed for America. I will stand up for every person to have their day to vote, EVEN IF IT IS TO VOTE AGAINST ME! NO ONE SHOULD BE DENIED THE RIGHT TO VOTE! This person feared their job if they came forward with their story.  THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN 2013!  The name of the game is TRUTH and what does it mean to YOU!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Oz the Great and Powerful"

I came into this movie a Oz fan.  I read the books and have seen all the movies.  I do mean ALL the movies.  Including all the black and whites and extras on the three disk special edition DVD of Wizard of Oz.  More then Once. I must have seen Wizard at least once a week when I when a child.  I am one of the few fans of Return to Oz.  In fact, seeing as Disney owns the rights to Return To Oz, some things surprise me.  One, Disney paid for the rights to use the Ruby Slippers for Return so they would not have been using the MGM Ruby slippers but their 1985 version.  Two, why not use the characters from Return To OZ.  I can’t believe that Disney passed up a chance to MERCHANDISE!! They could re-issue the movie have the toys all ready to go… But enough of the tangent.
The movie started out with a flurry of black and white spinning credits.  Had I seen in in 3D, I would have had to leave the theater to vomit.  As it was, I ended up developing a migraine. The black and white and letterboxing was a nice nod to the original with many Easter eggs thrown in for the Oz fans.  I had watched several of the interviews prior to seeing the movie so I was aware of what to look for.  I sure that I missed things and I will probably see it again at some point and notice the things that I missed.  There were noticeable plot drags and clich├ęs. It went dark at times and there were some things that seemed thrown in for the sake of merchandising and some because they were expected.  Overall, I gave it a six and a quarter out of ten.  They did okay.  They could have done better.  My dad saw it with me and he said it was a seven out of ten but he’s not the Oz fan I am.  It’s not that they didn’t try, It’s that they tried too hard.

N.B. After rewatching Return to Oz, they did pay some slight homage to that movie in the costuming.  Mila's and Rachel's dresses resemble Mobi's outfits.  Glinda's outfits show an eye towards Ozma.  Since they hint that Glinda is Ozma that is generous.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Invited to vote
The Ballad of Relic Isle
brief explaintion of what it's all about
The Videos
Come and Meet the Candidates!

Take a few minutes out of your busy day and read though of all of this, watch a few of the videos.
Please vote Jamie Zalot, Michael Zalot, and write in Don Reinhardt for the three year term and Joe Abate for the one year term.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shampoo Rant

I hate going shopping for shampoo!  I love going shopping I just hate trying to find shampoo.  I’m allergic to Sodium Laurel Sulfate and it’s in almost all the product out there.  Also I have long wavy hair that is sometimes dyed, sometimes dry but not always, sometimes oily but not always, and experiences breakages.  That means according to the bottles in the drug and grocery stores I should use every single one of them.  That would be expensive and fruitless.  If only there was a solution for this massive problem.  I know what I would do if I had the ability or time and resources.  I would build a store with the constitute chemicals that make up shampoo and conditioner, maybe even facial products creams and other beauty supplies.  Then I would educate my consumers on the chemicals and allow them to mix their own.  It would be like a Salad works for beauty supplies.  It would be great for those of us with allergies, as we would not have to use fragrances.  Those with difficult hair issues or skin issues could work to find the perfect answer.  It must be true,  all good ideas are found in the bathroom!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bedtime Poem

Fluffy Floating
Feeling Reeling
Tumbling down
Tumbled down
Tucked in to
Second soft skin
Laying soles bare
Hovering mid aire
Caressing covers
Cuddling closely

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pure Poetry

I started out looking for Prince Charming
The first horse rode up bearing two little dukes
Neither was destined to be mine
They were part of someone else’s fairy tale
So I told my heart I was Sleeping Beauty
And I settled in to rest
I was woken prematurely by a pretender to the throne
My sleep laden eyes were fooled
But still I waited patiently for him to remember my name
Then a flash of sunlight reflected off a golden flip of hair.
I must have been mistaken, This man, here was my prince!
But no, Now I was aware of the world, learning,
There were no more dukes or princes,
There were only jesters, clowns, actors and outlaws.
Now Handsome Princes don’t ride in to sweep pretty Princesses off their feet.
We are expected to stand on our own.