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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obession vs Adoration

I can’t tell why I like them
It’s an indescribable need
It’s a burning fire
I fixate on little details
I can tell you everything about them
I don’t want anyone else near them
I know every appearance
I see their latest movie but I don’t remember the plot
I threaten others if they violate their space
But if someone else comes close better to make them feel insecure
Because I feel insecure myself
But they’re insecure right…
I swear they’re winking right at me…
I think I’ll go see them
It’s not like I don’t know where they are…         

I love the things you do  
You make me better everyday
Learning more about the best you are,
Helps me discover 
More about the person I want to be
Exploring new avenues of learning,
Expanding my mind
By the breadth of you
No longer needing to hide
The light in you brings out the light in me

I read an article today about celebrity obsession and thought I would do a side by side comparision poem.  The difference between the two, in my mind, one is about how “I feel”, the other is about how the celebrity influences the writer.  Just my little contribution to the debate about Celebrities and obsession.


Retreat from Reality
Why stay here with the pain
I can have anything I envision
My stage is set
It should be perfect
But even in my fantasies
I’m not in charge
I’m not the best
Or the brightest
Or the prettiest
I can’t have what I want
Even in my wildest dreams
A glimpse of paradise
Is too much to imagine

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beloved/Summons (A Conversation)

I long to see the sunshine.
              You see it every day.
I miss the sea and sand.
In your eyes, their colors lay.
I want to see my beloved,
I miss you just as much!
To walk with her hand and hand.
I miss your very touch!

My beloved, I summon you.
I hear and answer the call.
I call you home to stay.
Why would I wish to be away?
And once you have entered my view,
You are my world, my all!
I promise to be forever with you.
I have no reason to stray.

Rain Will Fall Again

Soon tomorrow’s coming
Can today last forever?
I know that the sun must rise
How many times must I?
I’ve fallen so many times
Many times I’ve been pushed
They rejoice in seeing
My face in the mud
I won’t let them see the tears
Mixed with the dirt
If you cry in the rain
It hides the tears well
I’ve stopped walking in the sun
When the sun rises
You will be gone
I will go back to hiding my face
Then the rain will fall again

A Hallow Void

A hallow void
Fills my middle
Blotting out the sunlight
No amount of brightness
Can counteract the cold
A tiny beat that can’t cry out
A hand that cannot reach
I take a breath, control myself
It doesn’t matter, I can’t remember
Emotions are leverage, Emotions are passion
A bargaining chip
Serving only to harm (the only thing that matters)
Get rid of them (Without them we cease to be)
Excess baggage

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Empty Gestures

Shut out the light
Bring on the darkness
Take out my hallow parts
I have no use for them
Spare me no pity
For fools are gladly borne
But a gesture is empty
From the back of the playhouse
In a flash the paper burns
Fire, the element of desire
Quickly stoked
Quickly sated
In the end
The darkness overcomes us all
And light fades

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I didn't say banana...

Born of sunshine
Nestled in leaves
Its bitter rind
Is a tasty tease
The Florida sun
Makes its bitter skin
Turn bright to reveal
The citrus within
In the morning dew
Shows how sweet
And good for you
This healthy treat
A summer feast
It’s best in mornings
Quartered and pieced 


Such patterns as one would see
On a butterfly’s wings
On seashells
In the intricacies of a snowflake
Can be found
All around us
If we are but observant
What do you see?
This line of poetry
Does not rhyme today
But there is a time
For every purpose
Some time we reap
When the information
Is sewn, secured, stitched, spun
It forms a spiral social web
Everything touches
As long as one remembers
How the puzzle pieces fit
You will do fine
Unlock the door
To your secret archive
The Library which catalogues
Your innermost dreams and desires
Everything you ever learned
All your memories
Are Precious

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Running Wilde
Heartbeats Calling
Something is telling me
To count now
Four, Five, Forty, Three
I’ve lost count
‘Tis a pity
How can I bare
To resist thee?
This visit must last
It can’t be a ruse
We must go into the light
Not into the darkness
Is what counts
I feel as though
I am blessed
With grace

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Because sometimes we all need a little help (Untitled)

I found a Computer Permutation program and played with it a bit.  I had to add, A LOT, when it was done.  It didn't do well at all with non nouns involved, but after I figured that out, I was good.  Then I took then word soup it spit out and wrote the poem from there.  I hope to do better next time!
The Creation of the hills is but a small fairytale
Our Heartbeats bear witness
We Spy in a field the irresistible elephants
Stars pity us
The Word we bear is but a ruse
A Horse startles at something she cannot see
‘Tis a curiosity nothing more
The World favours Gold and White
While they are lovely
We only have imitations
The Ends justify the means
Whistle while we wreck the boat
Painted strings
What little time we have we spend visiting
Earth bears witness
How silent it lies down
The Wind Blows around the Island
It starts 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Empty Promises, Broken Vow

Empty Promises, Broken Vow
You’ve barely kept your secrets now.
Words are tricky they tend to slip
The world in spinning beyond your grip
When the time is right, Life will change
You can’t stop it from feeling strange
Sonner or later your friends will know
You’ve done your best, but feelings show
One day soon you’ll break the wall
That barrier you’ve built so high,
Is yours to fall with just a sigh
Then run, speed as fast as you can
There is no doubt, you know the plan,
An escape there is, you know it’s true
Life is what you make of it
Make peace and quiet for a bit

Monday, July 21, 2014


Steel under Silk,
Strength below belies pretty promises.
I love you is a powerful spell
Make me believe.
The power of your spell,
Your power.
You certainly have dominion over me.
Do you have the authority
To control the world around us?
There is no right or wrong answer waiting,
Only green/bright here
Dilemmas arise,
How are they answered, love?
If there is a hunger; how is it met?
With a purely physical proposition,
Or is the answer
Only to wait,
To learn patience, politeness, probity?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Conversation*(An adventure in Sonnets Part 2)

No longer, a child do I seek
Nature or nurture neither will sway
My own body, my will, wilst not obey
Stay quiet love and let me speak
With thy noble equine visage, sallow, hallow'd cheek
You cannot answer thus today
Less your mother belied your father with a Fae
Don’t cry my love, one might think you weak
Forsooth, I cannot bare the sight
Though it grieves me much to say it
The words make me, seem flighty and trite
Can I hold your hand before the journey starts?
It scares and pains me to betray it
I care only now for protection, not for our hearts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Bargain Struck *(An adventure in Sonnets)

From whence doth come thy golden orbs
Which heaven hath no equal parts?
Some piece Diana did absorb
To sway thy stalwart warrior’s heart
Come Solider take this maiden’s hand
A voyage must be undertaken
For thee the Angel’s tears do turn to sand
All others must be forsaken
But what of carnal pleasures biding?
Tomorrow’s troubles sorrow and lament
The housewife screams and bellows chiding
He begs forgiveness, his heart full rent
A bargain struck, A contract made
A willing partner, An even trade

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Consummate Youth

Age cannot touch
Time cannot ravage
Holding steady against
The winds of eternity
They are simply a force.
One that which is stopped
By a wall of passion.
The love found in your eyes
Belies your years
You will always be
The consummate youth
A stalwart rock,
Without whom
The stars cease to be

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Best Place to Start

When memory fades
When the dust settles
Will your name be remembered?
Will the ancient choirs of angels
Sing you to sleep in your grave?
Pardon me for being so dire
But I can’t help but wonder
As memory starts to fade
If it was that wonderful at all
Were you really that good?
It was brief after all
Time filters our memories
Were you a friend?
An enemy in disguise?
Sometimes we need a fall
To show us how high to reach
Sometimes bottom
Is the best place to start

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Who will be here when we break?
To pick the pieces up?
Cracks begin to show already love
Fading in the sun
It’s never peaceful in the wind and rain
Time is spent waiting
For the storm to end
But it’s only a pause
Then a frantic run to shelter
What happens when that shelter
Is no longer there?
Will we race downstream in the flood?
Will we whip wildly in the wind?
All we can do is take cover
The best we can until
The storm is over
Plant our feet in solid ground
Comfort each other
Survive the deluge