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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finally Got My Money Back

Barnes & Nobles Unsatisfied Customer

Continual Struggles With Nook

N.B.  After several back and forth replies I finally got a refund of $8.55 to be applied to my credit card in the next one to two billing statements depending on how my banks cut off date works.  I used it to apply to the purchase of a soft cover of the book I had already owed.  I had to pay $7.99 and I had someone who had a Amazon Prime account buy it for me so that I didn't have to pay shipping.  Since it is a ACTUAL book there will be NO issue will the FORMAT, the FORMAT is PAPER and INK.  I do like the convenience of having a large number of books in a small tablet that I can carry with me, however it doesn't seem that privilege is worth the cost of possibly losing all your books or being subject to the whims of a nameless corporation that took a month to resolve my issue.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas EVE thoughts

I tried to sleep.  It's not working. I feel like one of the old fashioned doll, the kind that are strung together by several pieces of string. Except one on my strings is missing, the one that connects the head and left arm.  I feel all floppy and my hand is shaking. My head feels to tight on one side and to loose on the other.  Pain pills take me away! Soon it will be Christmas and all over and I can sleep all day and no one will care. I really could sleep all day, If I don't take my new medication.  I can still nap, which is supposed to be impossible, but I can. Tomorrow, I will make a large pot of Starbucks Expresso blend coffee fresh ground and eat lots of sugar.  Then I will crash after everyone leaves and wake up just in time for Doctor Who, or if not there's always DVR!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Continual Struggles with #NOOK

So After four days #Barnes & Nobles got back to me.  That I needed to resend them my book title and the last four digits of my credit card and my mailing address.  I figured, finally I will at least get my money back.  The next e-mail gave me instructions on how to reset my Nook to factory reset.  I sent back a one line answer.  "IT DIDN'T WORK!"  The reply to that was "We will reply in 12-24 hours."  Is it just me or does the service on this product #suck?  With all the people who are switching to e-readers, the store had better be able to deal with technology problems. What actually got a response from someone was an e-mail threatening them that I was going to start looking into a #Kindle.

Monday, December 17, 2012

So my new medicine that is supposed to be keeping me from sleeping all day is keeping me from sleeping all night. I can't win for trying.  I know there are a lot worse things happening to in the world and people who have things that are seriously wrong with them but it's very hard to remember when you've gotten five hours sleep in the last three days.  I lay in bed to go to sleep and toss and turn. I also have something wrong with my sleep cycle so I'm constantly waking up. Right now my face is tingling from my migraine medicine, too.  I have done everything possible so that I can be comfortable.  I have a Tempurpedic bed.  I have polar fleece sheets and about five blankets all of soft materials.  I have multiple firm pillows.  I keep everything I could possibly need next to my bed so I don't have to get up and mess up my sleep.  Yet none of this seems to help.  My brain keeps running.  Here I sit type at quarter to four in the morning and I haven't even sleep a bit.  With Christmas coming, I have things to do I I can't afford to nap all day as I have been doing to to compensate for my lack of night sleep.  That's right.  The reason I caved and went to the doctor is that for the past few weeks I've been sleeping almost all day and still feeling tired.  I know that's wrong.  I have to go get another sleep study done.  I had one done before but it wasn't completed.  There are two parts to the study and I didn't have the second part done.  They didn't tell me about the second and I had scheduled another appointment so I was unable to complete it then.  I won't be able to do the sleep study till after Christmas.  I'm not sure what actually having a label on my sleep disorder will do.  Will saying I'm a narcoleptic or that I have R.E.M. cycle disorder make a difference? Okay rant over, I just needed to get that out. Sorry!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Dear Barnes and Nobles,

After having written you numerous times, I have decided to write and open letter on the internet hoping to get your attention.  I have been a loyal customer for many year and spent thousand of dollars with your company.  I received a Nook eReader as gift.  I have purchased many books for it.  I had to archive books because I did not have enough space on the device.  When I went to retrieve my book, my Nook said the format was not acceptable to this device.  Since the book was purchased from, there should have been no problem with the format.  I wrote to the customer service department with my pertinent information.  I was sent a form letter back saying I would be contacted within 12 to 24 hours.  I was then sent a letter that the order number was needed.  This book was purchased more then 12 months ago so the order number is not available to access on the Barnes and Nobles website.  When I wrote them the response to their inquiry,  I informed them the authors name and the name of the book again, even though I had previously given them that information in the original letter.  I hadn’t heard back so I re-sent the letter.  I again received the same form letter that read “we will respond to you in 12 to 24 hours“.  That e-mail was sent on December 4, 2012 at 8:44pm.  I have not received a response since.  This type of  behavior is unacceptable for a major corporation such as Barnes and Nobles.  I am putting this letter on my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler pages and encouraging my friends and family to share this story.  It is close to the holidays.  Maybe some will reconsider their purchases this season.
Thank You for you time,
Jamie M Zalot

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Since I’m up yet again after having fallen asleep when I didn’t want to so I am going to rant. This happens all the time.  I either can’t sleep or I’m so tired I quite literally can’t keep my eyes open.  I have actually fallen asleep while writing, reading, and other mentally orientated tasks which should not be possible.  I also have bad joints.  My wrists bother me quite a lot and swell sometimes.  Sometimes individual fingers bother me.  I crackle, snap and pop like a name brand cereal that I won’t mention for fear of litigation.  My ankles have always give me trouble since I was a child.  I recently stepped on my left ankle and it gave out and I landed with all my weight on my right knee on a concrete step. OUCH!  Luckily nothing was broken, unfortunately it still hurts.  My hips tend to pop out of joint at the least bit of provocation, and my knees take a little more abuse but follow the same course.  My shoulder has no cartilage left from injuries when I was younger.  I have to be careful about lifting and reaching over my head.  My neck and back are simply worn out but I do have 3 disks with problems in the cervical vertebra.  I am also on long term steroids simple because every time they try to cut the dosage down I get a sinus infection or bronchitis.  I get the IVIG once a month because that cuts down the severity of the infections I do get. I have a headache all the time and I get migraines and clusters on top of those.  I also occasionally suffer from TMJ and have some teeth issues.  I need two back teeth capped but that is too expensive right now.  I also get muscle “twitches”. (I call them Spasms) I bruise, not easily, but because I walk into things all the time. Right now my throat is soar and my nose is blocked and my neck is soar and I think I have enough off my chest that I can go to sleep.  Good night and sorry for ranting!