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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sherlock Season Four???

So I don’t think I wrote about my theories in full for Season three yet.  I've said that AGRA is a website of a company in England that does genealogy research or something.  But, when have you ever heard Sherlock agree with MYCROFT so quickly?  “I have a job I want you to decline.  I decline your generous offer. “  Curiosity killed the cat.  And Sherlock Holmes.  He told John he wouldn't look at that thumb drive.  If he was in Appledore He could see everything.  Mycroft was being blackmailed by CAM.  If Appledore went away Mycroft was free.  I see two possibilities.  One, Sherlock wanted to go to on the mission.  Two, Mycroft set Sherlock up because he was the only one who could do it.  I believe that CAM is not dead.  Also Moriarity but I discussed that previously.  As to why Mycroft was upset when Sherlock fired, in one theory he didn't know Sherlock was faking it.  If Mycroft set it up then maybe he didn't want Sherlock to go through anymore pain?  John was the only witness, really.  Why set it up?  We already know that John will believe anything Sherlock says or does.  Reliable witness?  Maybe it was all to draw Moriarity out of hiding.  That makes sense.  You know, I bet Moffat is sitting somewhere over a computer desk searching through the internet.  He pausing and going, hmmm that sounds good, a little of that, maybe that, and perhaps some of that.  D@&N YOU MOFFAAATTTTT!!!!!!!