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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poetry- 3 Poems- Flowers, Would You?, Tomorrow, Yesterday, and Today

Although I’d love for you to bring me flowers
I’d rather talk of books and music
And walk along the beach holding hands
And watch the sun sink in the water
There’s time enough for flowers when we’re older

Would You?
Would you love me if I called you darling?
If we never met at all?
If our eyes laid waste to time and space
And universes stilled in our presence?
Would our lives be the same
If time stood still at this very moment
And our paths never crossed?
What if we could go back
And start fresh with no “I love you”s?
Would the sun fall from the sky?
Would we cease to be?

Tomorrow Yesterday and Today
Tomorrow does not exist for those who love
Yesterday has no meaning
Only Now and Forever
When you love with your whole heart
Your hearts beat together
Your breaths come as one
Your minds are in accord
There is nothing else
But the one you love