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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time Changes EVERYTHING, Laced with Fire,A Four Letter Word,The Curse The Definition of Love

Sweet 16
Virtue and Innocence
Astounds all but a few
Sweet sixteen and not yet kissed
To all experiences new
A Lover never known
To which most are amazed
A kiss sweeter then wine
Never used to fade
A child yet in knowledge
A woman in body true
Yet information is known
Having experienced love so true
Feelings of surrender
Growing with each passing year
Holding on but wanting not
Loss with pain and fear
One day a prince will come
To take all away
Mercy in his heart
And forever there TO STAY

Oh to be older!
To Know ALL
And want not!
When Lovers can do as they please
And Adults have Power over such as I!

Oh to be Young!
To not Know the secrets of this cruel world,
To still desire life, love and passion!
Innocence astounds me and Treachery surrounds me!

Laced with Fire
Each night I lie and dream of one
Who kissed and awakened my desire
And for this day and each none forth
My nights are laced with fire.

The steady blue and orange glow
Changes to bright red and green
The fire is steadily burning
Alive within the dream

I hope that I shall never wake
Without you by my side
Come sweet love and answer me
Shall I be your bride?

A Four Letter Word
I know a four letter word that means a lot.
It’s taught me everything I know.
Its meaning can’t fill the largest pot.
It’s as if you reap as you sew.

It’s a part of you all your life.
But you hardly know it’s there.
Through all your sorrow and your strife
It teaches you to care.

It comes from the highest heaven
From far, far up above
If you haven’t guessed by now
That four letter word is love.

Eternity stretches on
With no end in sight
Life without you
Is a terrible plight
I’d pay dearly
To have you die
More would I pay
If your savior was I
I’d live a life
Of sorrow and pain
If I could hold
You once again
But all hope is gone
I’ll never admit
I, not you, up and quit
And the CURSE
Lives on

The Definition of Love
Love is a complete lack of self
The ultimate sacrifice
In love there is no break up
No substitute would suffice
Love counts no hours
No days, No nights
Love is only all eternity
A million blessed sights.
A pain that will not ease,
Until a chapel beckons,
A proposal on the knees,
Yet still it does not lesson,
It never condescends.
An eternity is waiting
For love that never ends.

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