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Monday, March 17, 2014


Every waking hour...
Life is around you
Bustling, hustling and
Moving all about you
The times in between...
Are they our true life?
Or are they just a puppeteers
Words reaching through our
Suitcases where we sleep?
And is our life we life
A play for someone's amusement?
Maybe we are destined
To live until we become
The perfection we for long for.
What happens when we die?
Do we cease to be?
Or do we go to another place
Where we are embraced by light?
All these questions and
No answers are coming;
I guess we will never know
The answers to Our Dreams.

N.B.  This was dated 1995 so that makes me about a VERY mature 14!  I believe it was a creative writing assignment about dreams.  I think I reused it a dozen times because although it didn't answer any questions it is a universal quandary.