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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Burlington Board Of Island Manager Elections April 7, 2014 3-9 pm

So… It’s that time of year.  It’s Island Board Elections.  I know everyone is tired of hearing the same old stuff time and time again.  Everyone always says that nothing will ever happen with the Island.  Let me try to change your mind.  First, I was only on a manager on the Board for one year.  I voted against the web designer.  I recommended retaining a Pro bono Lawyer.  There is now a program through BCC that would enable the Board to utilize retired professionals at no cost.  I see no reason why the Board cannot take advantage of this program to its fullest degree.  I also see a need to reach out to the public and utilize social media.  The Board has a Facebook page and a non functioning website.  I have skills in computers that could be useful.  I know how to maximize the potential of the social media outlets.  There are multiple sites that the Board could be using to get word out about Events, Fundraisers, or Meetings.  There is always information to share.  Burlington Island is a geographical oddity.  It is the only lake within an island within a river in the Continental United States.  I know people who think they know a lot about Burlington that did not know that fact.  Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a program in the school to learn about our local history?  I believe the students study New Jersey history in Fourth Grade, maybe they could have a guest lecture from an Island Manger?  The Board has one stated goal in its charter and that is to use the Island to raise funds to further the education of the youth in Burlington.  This is not a Board out to make money for profit or to save for bridges or construction.  The Board is only a benefit to you.  When you come out and vote on April 7, 2014 you aren’t voting for a friend or relative you are voting for your children and your future.  The Board has given scholarships, built schools, and donated the land to build the schools on.  Come out and Vote @ the Keegan Center from 3-9pm for Jamie Zalot and Mike Zalot for Manager
If You Need an Absentee Ballot or a Ride Please Call
(609)-386-1778 or email