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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope, Belonging, Rescue: Three Poems

Help me love find
The heart that you stole
So I might live
To love
So tenderly
And only you
When the wind
Becomes the sea
Shall I have never
Belong to thee

The whispers of the day
The coming of the dawn
The hope and the feeling
Knowing you belong
To one who loves you
Night and day
Forever and Tomorrow
Till day goes away
And never comes home
Till Janes and Johns
Will never have known
I love you forever
Forgetting nothing but you

Gone through a window
Around the block
Better luck next time
Ever shall my love be
Re murmured through the night
Instead of being with you
Even as I write
Love holds me bound
From screaming out in fright
Hopeless lost
In the love of my dream
Until you come and claim me
From this restless unending dream
Back through the window
Erasing all thoughts
Loving forever
But still the night haunts
Me as I sit, alone and waits
What could I have made you
Run off like the wind?
Oh well, until the dawn my love
I shall close my eyes
And dream of the rescue
Until my name
Becomes your