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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spoiler Escape 2013

So I will do a review of Nightmare in Silver later.  Let’s deal with Spoiler Escape 2013.  First, let me say I wish I had bought Season 7B from wherever they let the birdies fly early.  How lucky can you get!  Second, BBC is doing a good job of keeping the spoilers of the net.  I’m not just talking about this mess with the early birdies.  The filming on the fiftieth has been done for about a week, a large part was done outside in full public view and only minimal pictures have surfaced.  They are the same pictures on every site.  They might as well have BBC stamped on the bottom because if they didn’t approve they wouldn’t be there.  They could be enough pictures to get a good idea of the plot.  Also, how come the PA, grips, and best boys haven’t leaked any plot details?  Now that they are in editing all someone has to do is go home mention something to a friend…  It’s the Brits, I swear it is.  This would never happen in America!  How many movies have had the endings out before the Premier?  I don’t know if I can wait a week till the next episode and 6 months till the anniversary.  At least they are running the specials in between and there’s always reruns and classic doctor on DVD.  I have a significant collection, and it’s growing…  Donations can be made to AMAZON.COM, JK, well maybe not, I have a wish list!