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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lost Poetry Gryphon, Sweet Strawberry Wine, Untitled

You left me to
Live alone
And serenely I wait
By the phone
It rings
“You’ve won tons of cash”
I don’t care
I just want my baby back
Admit that you
Are wrong
And I’ll admit I sang
The wrong song
You were my friend
But now you’re gone
I’ll have to live
Life goes on
But feelings die
To rise from the embers
Forget I knew you
But always remember
True love won’t die
And friendships can end
I guess that you were only my friend

Sweet Strawberry Wine
Down to the water line,
Far from the town,
So sweet strawberry wine
Thoughts go round and round

Under the starry skies
Away beneath the night
Oh how hard he tried
To keep us warm that night

Later life went on
As it always will
Although that night at dawn
Will stay with me still

My head has run out
Of rhymes, of time, of love
I no longer feel safe within myself
You fill my heart, my soul, my mind
My life is yours to do as you wish

Blooms in May never smelled as sweet as when smelled with you
Birds sing sweeter when heard with you
Touch feels better when given by you
The sweetest dessert cannot compare to the taste of your lips
I see nothing but the beauty of your eyes
You are my everything, my life, my love, my passion,
You are you,
My all and my everything