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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skinny Girls in Tight Jeans

There has been some major outrage lately over a certain store not carrying plus sized clothing.  Why?  Most name brand retailers don’t.  If they don’t the selection is limited or not designed to fit larger sized bodies.  It is simply sized up versions of the main line.  In some cases this works but in the rest it does not.  Larger bodies, men or women, are built on different lines then smaller ones.  The proportions are different, the clothes lay differently.  There are one or two retailers that cater to larger sizes but they seem to think that those of larger proportions are of middling age or better.  Rarely is anything in style.  The one exception I have seen is Torrid.  Unfortunately, they also follow the rule of use the designers’ ideas from the runway lines.  Not everything is made to flatter larger bodies.  It CAN be done.  There are a few boutiques in Manhattan, or so I’ve heard.  Again, unfortunately, these are also high priced. 
The fashion industry needs to step up to the plate.  The country is full of larger people.  They need clothes.  They need reasonably priced clothes.  They need clothes that fit them well and flatter them.  They also need advertising directed towards them.  I’m tired of seeing certain companies that advertise their clothing with models that barely eat.  There is a need to be met.  If someone was smart, they would not only step up to the plate to meet that need but make a pretty penny doing so.  Just saying!