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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So I read some of the online reviews of The Name of The Doctor.  I was… hmm… awed, shocked, flabbergasted?  I’m not sure.  Apparently, the scuttlebutt is that Moffett is a misogynistic pig who hates little children, lives to scare them and really wants to screw with the press by not sending out the full episode in the press release.  I can understand the press frustration.  Although Moffett is the producer and has a hand in the script direction and writes a few of the scripts he does not write them all.  He cannot be blamed for everything, even if you want to.  Anytime you have a major male leading character and a secondary female character there is going to be a damsel-in-distress situation that comes up.  It is a fundamental of storytelling.  As far as the complaints that the Doctor has been more “earthy” as of late, that is what society has become.  If the show did not change to reflect society, it would have been off the air years ago.
Now as to the developments in the plot, did anyone notice that Riversong was physically linked to Clara?  Why?  Why not Vastra or Jenny or the Doctor?  Clara also had the ability to read Gallifrian, maybe, in Journey to the Center of The TARDIS.  Also I didn’t like the Whispermen personally.  I think there are much scarier monsters.  Whispering angels scare the bejesus out of me, for example. 
Hopefully the 50th answers some of the plot holes that you could drive a giant Mack truck through.  For instance, if the Doctor’s life was being destroyed then he would never have died on Trenzalor.  So therefore he wouldn’t have been on Trenzalor in the first place.  So busted, Moffet.  Also why introduce John Hurt as the Doctor if he “didn’t live up to the Promise” or whatever?   The current going theory is that the 50th will discuss the time war.  But that doesn’t add up to the set shots that “leaked” out.  They seemed to point to a episode that dealt with Elizabeth the first and UNIT and the Zygons.  Also there was the cryptic clue that Matt Smith said “paintings”.  WTH.  Of course, that could be a red herring.  It could all be red herrings and here we are looking for clues in the wrong ocean, so to speak.  Maybe the shots that leaked out are from season eight and DT is back to stay?  We can only wish! Maybe Van Gogh is involved in the 50th? Cezanne? Who knows? Or more appropriately, Who knows! Actually we will on the 23rd! Where did I park my TARDIS?