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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Crimson Horror

The Crimson Horror
First, let me address the elephant in the room.  Can we say misogyny? The crimson horror was one of the terms men used for women during that time of the month.  Now, I will give some benefit of the doubt, maybe that’s just an American phrase.   But let’s get back to the episode.
Okay, what was with the feinting dude?  Was he a reference to Pat Troughton and his love of Panto(mime)?  Was it just comic relief?  It seemed stupid to me. 
Next there was a vague one line reference to Tegan.  I understand it’s the fiftieth and they want to cramp in all the references they can but the way the line was written it seemed like the doctor didn’t like her at all! 
Now I know the spiraling staircase was a throwback to “Snowmen”, but it gave me a headache.  Up and down, down and up.
There were several throwaway references to the Great Intelligence that either weren’t used or will come up later.  First the “terror rained (reigned) down”.  That was how the GI was defeated in “The Snowmen”.  The Sweetville symbol was similar to the GI symbol.
Also what was with the Thomas Thomas kid?  I got the symbology.  It was so lame I missed it the first time.
I know this is not my usual review but this was not the best episode.  Sorry, try again next week.  Eight ball fuzzy.