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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Music in My Mind

First thank you to hmgross? from whom I liberated the video, Counting Crows never did an official video for this one.  Einstein on a beach

I'm trying to sleep.  I figure, I'll listen to some music that will help.  First, I heard "Someone Like You" by Adele, So I had to share that because I forgot it was her birthday, today May, 5. Then I heard "Ball and Chain" By Social Distortion which I hadn't heard in a while.  The lyrics are great if you listen to them. N.P.  I have been asked what type of music I like in the past and here is a semi-simple explanation.

I like music that has both intelligible words, words that mean something personally and emotionally and vocals,music and percussion  and the percussion's that backs it up should not be  OVERPOWERING.(i.e. THE FLOOR SHOULD NOT ROCK! THE NEIGHBORS ROOF SHOULD NOT ROCK! TWO BLOCKS OVER SHOULD NOT ROCK! CAR ALARMS SHOULD NOT BE CLAMORING FOR 

Music is a story.  It should have a beginning a middle and an end.  It doesn't have to tell a story but it should follow the story rules regarding having a rising, climbing and falling action.  A song bends the rules slightly for refrains but the emphasises the journey the song is making.
All this comes up because of the song from the above link; these words move me:

One more sun comes sliding down the skyOne more shadow leans against the wallAnd the world begins to disappearThe worst things come from inside hereAnd all the king's men reappearFor an eggman, fallen off the wallHe'll never be together again

But there's a story there behind the basic line of Humpty Dumpty. It may read differently to different people but everyone understands it.  The best songs talk of Life, Love and Loss.  We all experience them all not to the same degree, not at the same time.  Although, when we experience them at the same time we can find comfort in song and it can bring us back to joy,peace and understand when life, and love have dealt us losses to big to bare.  "Love is all you need"  Appropriate that the quote I feel describes songs comes from a song.  Every one has one or two quotes they love, but the best songs are the ones that you know all the words to!

    "I'm sick and I'm tired                        
     And I can't take any more pain
     So take away take away
     Take away this ball and chain"                                                                                                                                "Ball and Chain" Social Distortion

*I imagine my ball and chain is my pain and sometimes it helps*