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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Orphans and Mad Men in Blue Boxes

So, tonight saw a double blow in BBC America viewing public's hearts. First, the break out hit Orphan Black finished its freshman run with massive reveals, spoilers and quite a few OMG moments.  Second, it was announced almost timed to coincide with the airing of Orphan Black that Matt Smith would not be returning to the TARDIS next season.  Wow!  Can we hurt anymore?

First, let start with Orphan Black. If you have not been watching this amazing show, shame on you.  Go back now, we'll wait.  Ok, caught up now?  It’s great, right? So Evil Proclone is the original I think.  I can't believe Mrs. S is evil.  I think she probably worked for the company and had a change of heart like Delphine. That's why Mrs. S moved to the US.  I don't understand why Mrs. S. ran with Kirra, though.  I can't believe Alison killed the neighbor, although I knew the Donnie was the monitor.  Remember Donnie mentioned that he dated in college when he was broken up with Alison? I bet it turns out to be a clone too!  I’m willing to bet Helena rises from the grave or is not really dead, mainly because she's a really good character.  I want to know how Sara and Paul escaped the elevator because that looked really cool and there were guards upstairs and downstairs.  If the clones were made in the US, I believe that the constitution would guarantee their rights based on the 13th amendment. Okay, I think I got everything. Whew!

Now on to our favorite Time Lord! Allon-sy!  Maybe David Tennant will return.  Ha, but a girl can dream can't she! *Sigh* Now I'm questioning every single word that has come down from on high from BBC regarding the 50th because they had already made a statement saying that Matt was making season 8.  So why should we believe any statement up to and including who is starring in the special?  All names go back in the hat.  Also I had said before that the scenes shot did not seem to jive with what the official press release said.  Also Matt said painting, but Matt said staying so...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reruns...
Orphan Black returns Spring 2014
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary airs 23/11/13

I forgot to mention that both Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris deserve EMMY's! THEY ARE EXTRORDINARY ACTORS!  I wish them the best of luck during the upcoming award season, not that they need it, they are shoe ins. :):):)