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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Poems: Black Hole Sad Smile

Black Hole
The greater object is thee
I collapse into myself
You draw nearer
You can not escape
Time and escape
Changes around us
There is nothing
No light escapes this place
Do we really exist
Is love an illusion
Harbouring each other
Like a port in a storm
Sooner or later
Gravity will stabilize
We will find ourselves
In a different Space
Will it be full
Of wonder and magic
Or will we witness
The first Big Bang

Sad Smile
Hiding in plain sight
Smile on my face
Glad they don’t know
What hides underneath
Sorrow and passion
Aren’t absent and wanting
Just come in such numbers
Too numerous to keep
Quicksilver changes
It exists in no form
But it DOES exist
Whether you want it or ‘no
Such are emotions
Both hidden and buried
Because you can’t see them
Doesn’t mean they don’t show
The signs are well hidden
The meaning are written
In language a few
Are privileged to speak
A twitch of the eyes
A cringe of the shoulder
Is volumes to those,
Honored and meek
The wisdom of ages
The knowledge of many
The love of a few
Who know what to do
So if you are reading
The poem and decode it
I think that this knowledge
Is speaking to you