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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Answer to New York by Snow Patrol

First, If you haven't heard the song "New York" by Snow Patrol, Go NOW!  First it's a great song.  Second I wrote this poem about what the girl the song is written to feel when the boyfriend is home.
Here is a link for the song.

Is it Ever Enough?
The time we have together is precious
Way too much to waste
But what can you do when you only have minutes
When time together could be snatched away in an instant
When you only get brief glances
The future of husband and wife
We want to tell each other,
Of our secrets and our sins
If but one second is wasted,
That pressure is multiplied
To a thousand hours yet to be.
The stars lose their place in the heavenly orb
Without the Solar wind to guide them, to get them home.
So the time has come to conclude the telling of this tale
It is the moment to start a new fiction.