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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some Poetry I found while Cleaning out my Computer ***

Running in circles in my mind
Silence eats away at patience
Time heals nothing
If scabs never form
Pressure remains constant
Soul crushing pain
Heart wrenching
All consuming
Back to the beginning

You’ll never love me
 I’m not pretty or thin
I’m not up to your standards
I’m never gonna win

We’ll never be the perfect pair
They were always right
They said we were to different
They say how much we fight

You two will work much better
She seems much better for you
She make you happier
She better not make you blue

Floating feelings becomes tangled
Boiling up bubbles full of tears
Tomorrows dance across the horizon
Ready to race, reason for rhyme
Startling vision, sparkling sight
Newfound glory, gradient spikes.
Purple columns rising
Higher in the sky,
From now until forever,
Perfectly pleasant pair.

From now on I need to steel myself from the darkness,
My hard choices need to come swiftly now
One follow another in rapid succession
Time has come to rise to the action and make bold statements
Not always the popular decisions to bear the burdens
A life of single blessedness is a cursed choice
What is necessary is right in God eye and mine