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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who is the Doctor?

I was sitting here and had a horrible thought.  The doctor always lies, right?  He never has a girlfriend, except for once when he was kinda sorta married.  He's old and British.  He has a critical thinking mind.  He cant resist a puzzle.  He's very witty and thinks no one knows more then him.  He's unconvential.  No one calls him by his full name.  He's a maverick who doesn't follow the rules.  He has one or more people that he directs to do his bidding.  HOUSE!!!!  Everybody lies.  What a great misdirect!!  House is writing the whole thing as a book while in jail.  What about that?

N.B. I was watching some of the extras on The Key to Time series and they(the prodcures and writers) made references to Sherlock Holmes.  This explains a lot.  The writers for House had said they intended it to be "Sherlock Homes in a Hospital setting".  Also a neat fact, the writers for Doctor Who said that they wrote the Master to be the Doctor's Moriarty.