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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scrap of Paper Poem

Okay... This one needs an explanation. There were boys involved.  No Names.  This was never intended as anything but a playful poem in my head.

Oh! Blue eyed blessed balm
That fills my daily life,
I beseech thee lover, Answer me?
Shall I be thine wife?

Oh! Golden eyes that glow
You tease, you taunt, you rave.
How can I love thee so?
You are but a knave.

Oh! Beautious Brown eyed fate,
That broken blessings blame,
Could you be my soul's true mate?
Or wil hearts tremble in infinite pain.

Oh! Green and glowing eyes
That glower from tree to tree
Do I know the choice is wise?
Or should in choosing, I remain free?