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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nail Polish or Permanent Paint

I went to do my nails the other day.  I'm a girl, I do things like that.  I went to my local drug store, Walgreens(It's closer). I saw a bottle that said Diamond Strength, No Chip Color.  Okay I said to myself, that sounds good.  I bought the #SallyHansen in Lavender Marquis.  I have always had issues with my nails.  I can have a professional manicure and have them snap off by day's end.  If I do them myself at least I don't feel as bad when them don't last.  But I thought I'd give this product a shot.  Boy was I suprised when it lasted one day, two days.  However, when I went to take it off...  I had to have spent at least half an hour with the nail polish remover.  If I had acetone it might have gone faster but alas I just had the regular stuff. I must say it kind of turns me off of a product that you have to by heavy duty chemicals to remove.  Just Saying!