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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cold War Doctor Who

SO… Cold War…

Alright there must be twenty five million reviews out there of the general plot, if that’s what you want go away now.  This is for the hardcore Whovians looking for double meanings and Easter eggs.  This is where the weird theories go to hide.

First, the Professor.  Where have we heard that name before?  Umm, End of the Universe last stop, the Master is calling.  Just like him to hide with the Russians.  Let me count the anachronisms.  First, wrong cassette player.   Second, Hungry Like a Wolf came out in 1982 so it wouldn’t have made it over to Cold War Russia for about five more years.  He pulled the Sonic Screwdriver and Barbie Doll out of nowhere(more on that later)after they went underwater somewhere.  He was asking Clara very personal questions.  The Ice Warrior didn’t kill him.  Why would there BE a professor on a nuclear sub?  Why would he think the ICE WARRIOR was a mammoth?(NOT EVEN SIMILAR SIZE) And I swear that the Quote ”It’s a young man’s game, all this dashing about.” is something that the First Doctor said to Ian.

Okay back to the Barbie Doll. WTF??!!?!?!?!?  The Doctor even kisses it when he gets it back.  With the current theory of this whole season being a dream, I guess it represents Rose or his ID or something?  Also the ball of string?  “They brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff” more Puff the magic dragon references?? Also the third thing the Doctor pulled out of his pocket.  I missed it on the first two viewings.  One or two people thought it was an apple.  I saw a wooden rose.  But if that was a rose what does the Barbie represent? ARRGGGG!!!  MOOOFFFAAATTTT!!!!

Also Clara mentioned Pinocchio. When she was a Dalek she wanted to be a real girl. Ha ha.  Another bad throw away, Hungry Like a Wolf= Bad Wolf= Dalek
One thing I didn’t get.  The Ice Warriors left.  Was the bomb decommissioned by the sonic, because Clara sang the song, which reminded Skaldak of his daughter, or was it the song itself?  Or was it deliberately obscure?  If so how come they can make all these little hints and subplots but the main plot bombs? Also they surfaced WAY TOO fast, anyone heard of the BENDS?!?!
Just Saying!