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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hidden Agendas

      You know what I hate? Companies who have a great product, something that I would love to try, but they won't let you try it without signing up for a year. If your product works, is good, or is worth buying, guess what; I'll come back.  If not IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! 
     Why is this a radical idea? What happened to the idea that you sold something worthwhile to someone? If I see something advertised as a year or more subscription, I don't buy that product.
      It almost seems as if companies make products designed to fail.  Everytime I buy something in a store I get asked do you want a warranty with that.  I killed three toasters in the last year, for crying out loud!  The banks used to give you a toaster when you opened an account because it was supposed to last as long as you and the bank.  I guess since the banks failed, the toasters suck too?
     Cars are another example.  The cars companies make the cars to sell to the leasees who trade them up every few years.  They don't care a red cent about everyone else who has to pay the ridiculous prices for parts they can't afford.
      People have stopped caring about people.  "Business is business so if I screw the little guy it doesn't matter."  We need to stop caring about the bottom line and start caring about the poeple trapped at the bottom of the barrel.