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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review Doctor Who: HIDE

So in order of viewing this is the third “modern” Clara episode we seen, although it was the first taped.  That does seem to come across in the acting.  Matt and Jenna seem a bit unsure of themselves, their touching hesitant this lines a touch slower then the previous two episodes.  Obliviously like River they are doing it backwards!  I don’t need to write a word for word plot analysis, there must be at least twenty online as of yesterday, an more on the way.  My feeling for the plot was that is only a side show, the main purpose of these episodes is to further the Clara story arc and the 50th anniversary story arc. We have been given so many clues, but which are real and which are red herrings?

First on the list is the empathic physic, Emma Greyling. Did anyone else notice a more then startling resemblance to a young Sarah Jane Smith?  The clothes, the hair, even to the point of being a “companion”.  She did come off a little more reticent the Ms. Smith, but if my theory of this being some sort of dream sequence holds , wouldn’t the Doctor remember her softer after Amy Pond and River Song two of the most forthright companions.

Another interesting fact is the house is called Caliburn House.  This must be a reference to Excalibur.  It seems doubly so with all the mentions of water.  The witch in the well, that is an obvious reference to the lady in the lady who give Arthur the sword. Who in Doctor Who is the Lady in the Lake? River Song! That would explain why the music room is the HEART of the house.

Speaking of names, when the doctor is introduced to the professor the following exchange takes place;
Professor: oh so you’re a Doctor. Of what?
Doctor: Doctor what? That’s different
The Doctor also says that ignorance is Carlisle.  And that, “I do so love a carrier pigeon”  Well, Doctor, apparently so do I if I keep watching this show!

Some throw backs to the Old and New/old shows were in there besides the Sarah look a like.  Several of the pictures seemed like they were either of people the doctor has visited or by people he visited.  Also the statues were covered(so they couldn’t turn into Weeping angels).  One of the paintings resembled a scene from THE E-BOOK written by Amelia Pond.  The line about whiskey  being the 11th most disgusting drink ever is a throwback to Matt being the eleventh doctor.  The EYE of Harmony was THE plot point from the 1996 movie.  The Metebelis stone is from Planet of the Spiders.  Also, not a throwback to Doctor Who but Prof. Alec Palmer worked for the BAKER street ministry.(Sherlock Shout out)

SO now the TARDIS talks?  And flies itself?( I thought only the Doctor and River Song could fly the TARDIS) When did that happen?  BTW it may have looked like Clara but it sounded like the DOCTOR/DONNA. What happened to the wardrobe? It was there last week.

Some other random things that don’t fit in anywhere.
The over mentioning of HEALTH AND SAFTY. WTF
Clara said that love sticks out like a big chin. (We know what you’re thinking)
Clara is the only mystery worth solving.
Why did the Doctor bring back the “crooked man” and not take the “crooked women” home?
First time hearing the cloister bells in a long time.