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Monday, April 1, 2013


So Far-
Clara (Oswin) Oswald-
Born Nov 23,1989/Nov 23, 1886 –Dec 24,1892
Makes her 24 in modern era same age as when Who was first cancelled
Catch Phrase- Run You Clever Boy Run/ Remember Me/ Run Away/ Run Home
Wears rings consistently ( wedding ring?)
Her mental picture from AOD resembled Jenny’s (#10 Daughter) who is not dead, Slept on Kite, had rose in hair, Listened to Haberna Aria, Wore red
Maybe related to the Dalek Puppet that initially contacted the Doctor
Likes Souffl├ęs
Appears Super Smart/ Bisexual/ Flirty (Like Jack)
Master of disguise/acting
No fear of the unknown
She supposedly meets River song this season, so she can’t BE River Song
Has unusual first reaction to TARDIS (smaller on the outside)
She has unusual abilities (Hack the Dalek mind, she found the Doctor, understood complex science)
She seemed to be alone (AOD mother may be dead, No family at grave in Snowmen)

Other facts
The Rose and Crown pub
The Doctor never saw her vision of what was inside the Dalek
If Jenny’s spaceship is supposed to be a clue to the Doctor it doesn't work because only the audience saw it.

If they tells us his name, it would kill the show
The Doctor is on his 13th regen, not 12th.  He regened during Tenant’s time, just back to himself.  During Stolen Earth, Unless he absorbed some of River’s regen powers when She healed him.
Thus screws the timeline where his 13th regen is THE VALEYARD, on GALLIFRY and all the evil the Doctor has ever BEEN.  SO by killing himself and surviving the Doctor created an alternate timeline where we have no idea how many regens each Time lord has or if Gallifrey survived the Time War.

River Song-
If the Universe is in Chaos, what does this do to River Song? Since River is Meeting him backwards she should know what’s going on.  She should have a clue who Clara is!

ON BBC Broad Casting Choices
After the Marathon BBC picked specific episodes to run.  I believe they have meaning regarding either this season or the fiftieth.

The God Complex- The title is from a line where the Doctor is told he has a god complex.  We’ve seen the trailer where he says he is very afraid.
Closing Time- Obviously this is reintroducing us to the cyber men.  I also think the baby or Craig maybe coming around again.  I thought I may have seen his face in the WI-Fi.
The Wedding of River Song-  Dealing with Time gone wrong?  An explaination of why River shows up?
The Eleventh Hour- When he crashes the Tardis, Maybe part of the redesign?  Also He said something about not quiet being done baking.  Also giant hole in the time/space continum
The Beast Below- Painting says Matt Smith.  The last place we saw painting beside VanGOGH.  Also SMilers, UGH!

So New Episode-
Cumbria 1209 That might be important
When we meet Clara she is wearing a flight wing necklace.  She is reading a book called Summer Falls by Amelia Pond.(bbc IS RELEASING THE Book) And in her front Hallway, Tom Baker’s Hat and scarf, or a fairly good replica.  I think the book might reference the fall at the plains of 10zalore.  Yes I spelled that wrong on purpose.  I think everyone caught the Jammie Dodgers.  Also this is the first time we saw the wardrobe with the modern Doctor.  The Spoonheads were very repetitive like the Snowmen. They also reminded me of the Library. The Monster from Midnight also repeated as a learning tool.
The writing on the Wi-fi HotSpot seemed to Look alien, in fact Gallireyan.  Why if it is being run by the Great Intelligence’s Agent who is human? The Motorcycle, A Triumph, appears to be the same motorbike from LET”S KILL HITLER, upgraded.  This episode also reintroduces UNIT. The first page in her travel book is LEAVE(leaf). 

Now some of these things are spoilers but I think you might get some more enjoyment watching the episode again after reading this, so I apologize to your friends and family who are as dedicated to Who as you.  They will just have to learn.