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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finally Got My Money Back

Barnes & Nobles Unsatisfied Customer

Continual Struggles With Nook

N.B.  After several back and forth replies I finally got a refund of $8.55 to be applied to my credit card in the next one to two billing statements depending on how my banks cut off date works.  I used it to apply to the purchase of a soft cover of the book I had already owed.  I had to pay $7.99 and I had someone who had a Amazon Prime account buy it for me so that I didn't have to pay shipping.  Since it is a ACTUAL book there will be NO issue will the FORMAT, the FORMAT is PAPER and INK.  I do like the convenience of having a large number of books in a small tablet that I can carry with me, however it doesn't seem that privilege is worth the cost of possibly losing all your books or being subject to the whims of a nameless corporation that took a month to resolve my issue.