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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Since I’m up yet again after having fallen asleep when I didn’t want to so I am going to rant. This happens all the time.  I either can’t sleep or I’m so tired I quite literally can’t keep my eyes open.  I have actually fallen asleep while writing, reading, and other mentally orientated tasks which should not be possible.  I also have bad joints.  My wrists bother me quite a lot and swell sometimes.  Sometimes individual fingers bother me.  I crackle, snap and pop like a name brand cereal that I won’t mention for fear of litigation.  My ankles have always give me trouble since I was a child.  I recently stepped on my left ankle and it gave out and I landed with all my weight on my right knee on a concrete step. OUCH!  Luckily nothing was broken, unfortunately it still hurts.  My hips tend to pop out of joint at the least bit of provocation, and my knees take a little more abuse but follow the same course.  My shoulder has no cartilage left from injuries when I was younger.  I have to be careful about lifting and reaching over my head.  My neck and back are simply worn out but I do have 3 disks with problems in the cervical vertebra.  I am also on long term steroids simple because every time they try to cut the dosage down I get a sinus infection or bronchitis.  I get the IVIG once a month because that cuts down the severity of the infections I do get. I have a headache all the time and I get migraines and clusters on top of those.  I also occasionally suffer from TMJ and have some teeth issues.  I need two back teeth capped but that is too expensive right now.  I also get muscle “twitches”. (I call them Spasms) I bruise, not easily, but because I walk into things all the time. Right now my throat is soar and my nose is blocked and my neck is soar and I think I have enough off my chest that I can go to sleep.  Good night and sorry for ranting!