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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Car Crash Songs

Yesterday while playing #SongPop HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY was one of the song I was supposed to guess. It was sung by George Jones so I got the question right for knowing that but it haunted me that I hadn't heard the song or it hadn't lingered in my mind very well. When I finally listened to the song all the way, through I realized it belonged in a very unique category. My family calls those types of songs "car songs" because generally someone dies in a car crash, but the song I heard yesterday might also have applied to an old Facebook Note that I have now dredged up here for you amusement.
"This has been bugging me. Romantic songs that aren't quite so romantic if you listen to the words.
10. Laurie(Strange things have happened) Remember the ghost story about the hitchhiker who leaves the sweater behind and it's the anniversary of the night she died? They made it into a love song.
9. All the other 1950's car crash songs. Leader of the Pack, Tell Laura I Love Her, Teen Angel(otherwise know in our family as "you idiot you went back for the ring" or "the sniff, sniff song")
8. Cutting Crew I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight I like the song but still.. tacky!
7. A moldy oldy Goodnight Irene There is a verse that goes "Sometimes I live in the City, Sometimes I live in the Town, Sometime I take a great notion to jump in the river and drown"
6. Ray Charles- I Can't Stop Loving You Now we enter into the territory of the obsessed and depressed
5. The Mama's and The Papa's Glad to Be Unhappy- Seriously? You're only happy when you're depressed?.?.?...
4. Cruel To be Kind- "I'm just mean to you 'cause I like you." O.K. Chris Brown
3. Frankie Vallie My Eyes Adored You- A side return trip to stalker territory
2. John Mellencamp Hurts So Good- A little S&M anyone??? And is anyone hiding Rhianna from Cougars?? Mellencamp that is!
And the number one is ... a tie between the two most creepy stalkers ever.
One knows what you've doing, cause the other Watches every move you make
One Knows if you been naughty, cause every word you say, every game you play he'll be watching you.
But HEY at LEAST SANTA gave out presents this year, did Sting??JUST SAYING! We should be LISTENING to the words are songs are both telling and not telling us. I'LL REMEMBER that Madonna was ON HER KNEES AND GONNA TAKE YOU THERE.
I'll close by saying this open your minds, ears and hearts and be surprised by what you learn and where you learn it!