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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Continual Struggles with #NOOK

So After four days #Barnes & Nobles got back to me.  That I needed to resend them my book title and the last four digits of my credit card and my mailing address.  I figured, finally I will at least get my money back.  The next e-mail gave me instructions on how to reset my Nook to factory reset.  I sent back a one line answer.  "IT DIDN'T WORK!"  The reply to that was "We will reply in 12-24 hours."  Is it just me or does the service on this product #suck?  With all the people who are switching to e-readers, the store had better be able to deal with technology problems. What actually got a response from someone was an e-mail threatening them that I was going to start looking into a #Kindle.