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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas EVE thoughts

I tried to sleep.  It's not working. I feel like one of the old fashioned doll, the kind that are strung together by several pieces of string. Except one on my strings is missing, the one that connects the head and left arm.  I feel all floppy and my hand is shaking. My head feels to tight on one side and to loose on the other.  Pain pills take me away! Soon it will be Christmas and all over and I can sleep all day and no one will care. I really could sleep all day, If I don't take my new medication.  I can still nap, which is supposed to be impossible, but I can. Tomorrow, I will make a large pot of Starbucks Expresso blend coffee fresh ground and eat lots of sugar.  Then I will crash after everyone leaves and wake up just in time for Doctor Who, or if not there's always DVR!