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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Social Music Site

It comes to my attention that no one has seen fit to outfit the internet with a social music website.  When was originally started it was geared to the entertainment industry but who still uses MySpace anymore?  I think there should be a social music website that is like instagram was to pictures when it started. You could post your own music.  You could could discuss other people's music.  You could make and exchange playlists.  I'm sure that someone more creative then me could come up with more applications.  Maybe something with autotune. You could also have band and genre specific pages.  #Songpop would be a perfect fit there.  I'm sure there are numerous other games that could be played with music involved.  It's ashamed I don't have time, money or investment capital(plus the technical know how) to set this up.  I bet this is a sure fire money maker.