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Monday, January 28, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Rumours


As E Plurubus Unum, that watched on BBC America as the original Doctor Who episode "The Aztecs" aired last night January, 27, 2013. There was a lot of Wiboly-Woboly Timey WiNEY talking before hand, in case you didn't notice. Some of the information on the original series was great, it was LOVELY to see David Tennant, but anyone seriously into Doctor Who will have purchased/viewed at least one DVD with extras that contain similar information. There is also available old interview footage from cast members who have passed away. It seems odd that they choose not to use it.

"The Aztecs" is a good Classic Doctor Who(once you turn a blind eye to the 60's special effects). I understand that The Powers That Be were using it to illustrate a point. They even mentioned it in the pre-show talking points. The Doctors first mentions to Barbara that certain things are fixed in time and can't be altered. Also the Doctor is almost bambozzled into getting married. But as in most of Doctor Who's predictaments, this one is resolved quickly with none of the Doctor's companion lives at stake.

Some things come to mind though. Steven Moffot for one. Another thing is that we were promised a year where Who would take over our tvs. One special a month does not cover that. According to my line up, they're not even repeating this special. My thoughts are as follows. We were promised eleven Doctors in the anniversary special, right? I think River Song is supposed to be involved in bringing them together. I think the episodes/serials of the classic/new who are being shown are easter eggs, thrown out there to put the peices of the puzzle together for those care to find out. The first episode they ran after the first Doctorspecial was "Blink". Maybe a way to retrieve the other doctors without blowing up the universe involves their (the Weeping Angels) quantumlock.

It would be odd NOT to mention the many Gene(pronounced Jenny)/Clara/Suzan mystical connections that everyone is sure will pop up. I'm more inclined to think Clara is something utterly different but that Gene and/or Suzan will show up in the anniversary special.

Is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who? If he is going to go, what more spectacular way then on the 50th anniversary when the show is at its peak? I think he still has time on his contract, though, so don't start shopping for bow ties just yet. On the rumors about him being replaced with a time lady, hmmm. I don't think that the charector would be the same. I however would be perfectly content with a Time Lady companion, maybe even a relative. His mom, or an elderly madien aunt comes in to boss him around. That would be histerical. Or Gene or one of Suzans children would be a touching return to the original grandfather like charector.

As for all the Doctors still living showing up, your guess is as good as mine. From day to day, each one has a new story. That strikes me as a cover story for what's really going on. David Tennant for instance had said in one interview that he hadn't even been approarched reguarding the 50th anniverasry and there he was on my tv last night in beautiful HD lying color. Granted it was only an interview so he may not have seen it as Doctor Who, but what else is he lying about? Of course several of the Doctors have passed away, but hey Kayne West is on CNN right? I don't know how you would explain the ones that have aged unless they were caught on Apalapucia at different time rates to explain why they aged differently. Or they could have been made to think they were humans like David Tennant did in the 1910's when Martha was traveling with him. I DO have an explaination for the Ghosts of those who have gone before. The suits from the Library when the Vahsta Nerada ate people. It left an imprint. Little easier to achieve then a full hologram and a Time Lord could have left purposful imprints anywhen and where, like a will.

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