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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I was going to leave this alone, I really was.  #Xfinity updated their Cable boxes last night at three in the morning.  Most people don’t know or care.  I found out this morning because my Dad told me the cable was out this morning around three, maybe because of the wind.  I didn’t think much about it.  Then this afternoon when I turned the #TV on I noticed the settings were changed.  The pictures on non-#HD channels were not only #letterboxed, they were completely surround in black boxes.  Also when I tried to change the #channel the number format had changed.  It’s now a large black box with a white line and white writing which says the #channel number.  The reason I have digital cable and send #largechecks to #XFINITY every month is so that I have a guide which displays at the bottom of the screen when I change the channel.  I don’t need a second box in black on top, blocking a third of the top of the screen, to tell me information that is on the bottom of the screen in bigger letters.  Also a new change that was imported to my cable box without my being notified is to the guide itself.  When you look up a specific episode from the timetable guide and look up the other times that it is playing, it automatically starts listing the earliest showing before the one that you were looking at.  I know that was a horrible sentence but what was done to the guide was horrible too.  The end result of that meddling is that when you are #channelsurfing you may end up wiping out on the wrong channel instead.  Of the first two problems, one is fixable and one is frustrating but completely out of the consumers hands.  The #blackboxing and #letterboxing can be fixed by changing settings in your #cable remote.  You have to turn the power off to your #cable while the #TV is on.  Then hit the #cable button and the menu button and a menu will appear on your screen.  You have to change it to #Native settings.  The #bigblackchannelbox, we can only complain about,  But please do.  Take to #Twitter and #Tumblr and #YouTube and #Instagram it and whatever it takes.  It is a completely redundant upgrade, and if they can do this to our #cableboxes while we sleep, what else have they/could they do?  What else are they doing it to?  They have connected to all your devices in your home? What might be coming down the line in 6months or a year?  Tell your friends to tell their friends.  I want to know what #Xfinity is doing to my #cable box #DVR #INTERNET #PHONE #iPad #iPhone #Adroidphone #computer #laptop