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Friday, August 23, 2013

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12 : Part 11- Matt and the Master???

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12 A twelve part series on the episodes, serials, and one Movie that surround the most iconic piece of Doctor Who Cannon, The Regeneration and what will be coming for Peter Capaldi

Part 11- Matt and the Master???

So Matt Smith the 11th doctor has yet to have his swan song, or has he?  In The Impossible Astronaut the Doctor dies.  It turns out to be the Tessalector, of course, but we were left wondering for most of a season.  This could be a preview of how the doctor dies.  He goes willing with no regret.  He walks into it with his head held high.  I would love to see Matt tangle with the Master but I don’t see that in the cards.  I could see a surprise appearance by River.  I think the Daleks or Cybermen will do the Deed.  Then Peter will come in hands blazing with regeneration power and zap them to death.