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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12:Part 7 A Tv Movie and a break

Regenerations #1-11 and What’s in Store for #12 A twelve part series on the episodes, serials, and one Movie that surround the most iconic piece of Doctor Who Cannon, The Regeneration and what will be coming for Peter Capaldi

 Part 7 A Tv Movie and a break
This brings us to the TV Movie.  This is one of the most elaborate regeneration sequences.  There have been many who call it messianic.  The Doctor has landed in America, San Francisco specially.  He mentions that he is only half Time Lord.  This is the first time the Doctor kisses someone, which caused major controversy.  There is a very American stamp to the movie.  There are explosions and big budge SFX.  It was intended to be the start of a new series in America but it never got off the ground.  Scheduling conflicts and politics got in the way.  Also Americans tend to like our British TV, BRITISH, not Americanized.  It was an iconic failure.  Everyone thought that the Doctor was finished.